Discover the Secrets of Muslim Spain


Travel in time to Al-Andalus & Iberia, staying within the Golden Age Cities of al-Andalus. Explore the history of Iberia from it’s Medieval population, it’s ethnic and religious diversity until today.

As a foundational stone of Europe and the modern world, we should try to come close to Al-Andalus, learn more about it. We might find clues about our modern world, how to live in it better and avoid falling into the same mistakes.

“- We set out in 2007, to uphold and share the legacy of Al-Andalus, covering a culture gap present in Europe, through travel and cultural events.”


Discover our history, culture & leisure, or educational tours, workshops, and events. Share a unique journey into Islamic heritage, infused within Iberian tradition & roots. Discover the origin, rise and fall of Islam in Al-Andalus in full detail, as researched and accounted by modern, independent unbiased researchers.

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City Escapes & Service Options

Our modular ‘City Escapes’ are designed to allow you to plan flexibly by choosing cities to visit, while assuring the main highlight tours are included and optional services to bring your trip up to any desired multi-city tour standard.

City Guided Tours & Activities

As well as a selection of hotels & accommodations to several standards in town, we have local guides, a choice of restaurants, tours and activities, in each of our main destination cities, enabling our travel plans to be totally independent and flexible, so that you can hop on and off the tours and activities of you prefer at each location.



10 years of random sized group tour services several times a month, allow us to plan easily for groups to any schedule & standard, here is our  most popular offer …


Travel Route Daytime Service Packs

These are carefully planned travel routes, in a chronological order according to historical relevance, taking account for leisure and even shopping!  Presented as service only packages, we offer flexible hotel bookings separately in order to keep your choices open.

i) Regular Group Tours

We offer ‘Regular Tour Groups’ on a fixed schedule, and at our favourite standard for groups, as well as private group ‘Tour Service Packs’, which range from Comfort Coach to Family Economy Tours.


ii) vs Private Tours

All of our ‘Tour Service Packs’ whether regular or private groups, should be complimented with our hotel or accommodation packages. Our group Tours are conducted by modern bus, with one of our main guides as your tour conductor, and courtesy driver by default for under 7 travellers, the most economical option along with a rental vehicle. Our Tours do not include accommodation which we present separately in order to grant you freedom of choice.


& Matching Tour Hotels

We leave hotel choices open …

Our special selection of hotels & accommodation are aimed for you to book in combination with our ‘Tour Service Packs’ or along with our ‘Regular Tour Groups’.
You may also book any hotel or accommodation package to take or extend an independent escape out to the main cities of Al-Andalus, Spain and beyond, planning freely how to combine each city at your own pace and style.



By separating our hotel packages for our tours from the daytime services & tours involved, we intend to provide most flexible options while encouraging combined category offers through our online booking system, you can also combine our daytime services along with other online hotel sources. 🙂



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You may still prefer to check online rates, compare, then we as a licensed and specialized travel agency can most likely revise the going rates to match or improve your offer.

Finally, you can also manage your own hotel bookings along with our tour services still being perfectly blended in, please be very careful with the dates: one night after every day, but you sleep at home the last day 😉 ! Below is our main competitor in hotel rates, we can’t be the best at everything!


*Please note before comparing our rates WE DO INCLUDE BREAKFAST in all of our own hotel package offers.



Explore our seasonal online offer and availability, combine our catalog sections and extra options to tune your trip adding tours or accommodation packages until you feel it is right. You may also combine our Daytime Travel Service Packs and City Guided Tours and Activities, with your own accommodation or hotel bookings, however, we do offer combined section discounts to encourage you to stay with us throughout your entire booking experience, our choice starts here!


We are dedicated to Excellence.

We have reorganized our service entirely based on 10 years of tour requests from all over the world, in order to allow for the widest range of group and individual tour options.

Our booking system will now advise you on which ‘Hotel Package’ suits your tour’s travel route and issue an automatic discount on the accommodation when booked along with our ‘Tour Service Packs’ (Regular Tour Group or Private Tour Service Pack). Our system will also advise you on the service optional add-ons necessary to tune any ‘Hotel Package’ independently into a full serviced tour to your own desired standards.

our speciality

Our specialty lies in developing travel routes based on the Muslim Heritage of Al-Andalus, to be achieved at any standard or travel style. Our travel routes invite you to discover the historical centers of the main cities in Andalusia, the heart of al-Andalus, being planned in a chronological order according to Spain’s Islamic history while taking into account leisure and even shopping! We are also proud be the first local travel agency in Spain to address Muslim travel needs since 2007.


Join our ‘Regular Tour Groups’ on a fixed schedule, or book a private group to any date and group size, at your favorite standard. All of our Travel Route Service Packs include comfortable intercity transportation, monument tickets, and UNESCO Tour Guides as well as a permanent local guide or travel assistant. Accommodation is offered separately from our daytime tour services in order to grant freedom of choice and a more flexible offer.

Hotels in the main cities of Al-Andalus

We are not only a licensed travel agency able to guarantee the best deals available at any hotel or establishment. As specialized locals, we have our own criterion in hotel selections based upon their location within the modern city and historical center, the ‘beauty’ of the surroundings and of the establishment itself, attentive service, cleanliness, breakfast service, and of course reasonable pricing. We chose establishments located within walking distances to the main historical sites and monuments, the Cordoba Mosque, the Alhambra in Granada and the Alkasar Palaces in Seville. Prices in Andalusia fluctuate according to its season, Spanish festivities and depending on the property owner. Please check in with us for the best seasonal offers. Booking in advance is always advised.

themed travel, study & activity plans

Themed travel, activity & study plans with an extensive variety and possibilities. Our service covers the organization of any type of travel or event in Andalusia or any of its aspects as a single service: Location, Reservation, Transport & Logistics, Halal Catering. We may also contribute towards the promotion of any Event through our booking engine and website, partner sites and social media.

Local Travel Assistants

Our trained and experienced Local Travel Assistants will introduce and show you around the nicest walks and places of each town or city providing some of our favorite entertainment options as well as the many Historical Monuments and sites, however, they cannot enter UNESCO Heritage Monuments as your guide, for this you need an Official UNESCO Heritage Tour Guide.

UNESCO Heritage Sites

Official Tour Guides for detailed monumental visits are used towards our group tours. They will give the fabulous and detailed historical introduction to the monuments, dynasties, and kings who erected them. This will make further sense within the general tour context when you become more aware of the many paradoxes of Al-Andalus history. Official monument guides have standard rates which may make a small private tour more costly, we recommend this option for large groups wanting to go through the monument with a storyboard.

event celebration in our cities

OOur main concern is with the Cultural Events, but we can also organize weddings to conferences, school excursions or seminars, putting all our resources and solutions in Andalusia, to your service. Our logistics network is formed by highly professional collaborators, synchronized towards a smooth performance of all our services. We offer unequaled local relations within different Andalusian cities and Towns: Local Authorities, Cultural Organizations, Associations, and Communities. We pride ourselves in encouraging and supporting a network of resources, opening many possibilities for the celebration of any special event in Andalusia, Spain or neighboring Morocco.

local city delegations

We also offer Guided Tours through our ‘Daytime Activities’ section, in this way the costs are divided with a larger group of participants on the spot, without the need to join a package tour. This also allows us to focus and work locally, having an entirely online booking system makes our service global.


Community partnership, research, and local networking are at the heart of the Al-Andalus Experience project. We support local cultural and educational organizations by utilizing their resources in all projects, whenever possible. Likewise, we are always open to networking and collaborating with different individuals, professionals, volunteers, and organizations.

our plan forward

Since Spring season 2017 we have established several professional career paths into our organization. As well as achieving a wholesale travel agency license to be able to partner with other local companies as well as abroad. In a spirit of healthy collaboration and local tourism development & innovation, we are aiming to cover all of the possible booking channels, and also diversify both our ‘product’ and target public to become a broader, integrative and cultural experience for all, this is especially concerning our Regular Promotion Tour Groups.


join our team

If you are interested in collaborating as a delegation of ‘Al-Andalus Experience’, or if you want to distribute our offer under your own brand, please let us know and after an introduction we can arrange an interview if all goes well you can be set up within less than a month to operate globally as a distributor of our products & services, to develop services in your own city or help us keep working by collaborating with us through your own agent account!

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