The Eid-Al-Adha is fastly approaching and as we know this means Muslims from all around the world are making the pilgrimage to our beloved Ka’ba and visiting Medinah. It is a place that unites us, a place that we long to visit and a place where our dear prophet (saw) lived. This is a pilgrimage for Muslims that, if we are able, should practice at least once in our lifetime.

However, as history is continually made, there are many places where Muslims can go and feel inner peace and deep connection. Living in Andalusia, I see so many Muslims come to this part of the world and in many ways, it is as like they feel at home. The Muslims reigned here, on different levels, for 800 years. Granada was the last place in which they reigned, the home to the Alhambra Palace. It is like Andalusia has become a pilgrimage for Muslims. More and more Muslims, every year, travel to this part of the world and are welcomed by fine weather, incredible architecture, breathtaking views and beautiful hearts.

The Muslims of the Great Mosque of Granada (est. 2003) pray above the mosque on a beautiful parador called San Miguel Alto. It is the Sunnah of the Prophet to pray the two Eid prayers outdoors. 

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As a tourist, of course, you wouldn’t know about this necessarily, therefore, it is always better to have contacts where you are going to enjoy the place to the maximum. If you are spending this Eid away from home you want it to be special and meet the Muslims of that place.

Spending this sacred time (month of the Hajj) in this special place in itself is like a small pilgrimage. Connecting with our ancestors, and reminding ourselves that Islam is not foreign in Europe, is an important part of building our identity and changing our perceptions.

Wandering within the walls of the Alhambra, listening to the water rush below us or framing the stairways, is magical. Visiting the Mosque of Cordoba, using your imagination to see the thousands of Muslims praying in the immense courtyard, subhanAllah. Or walking the Alcazar Palace, the beautiful plants and immaculate rooms.

Andalusia is a must, in my opinion, for all Muslims. To see the history their ancestors left behind and see how modern Spain has also driven many Spaniards to accept Islam. Many of our tour guides are second generation Spanish Muslims so within them is a deep love for the time of Al-Andalus. Often when studying the time of Al-Andalus is when people look into Islam and, in turn, accept it as their way of life. That is for another blog perhaps…

Our tour packages encompass many variations of ways to experience Al-Andalus so you can choose something that suits you. Also, if you are already planning to travel and don’t want to spend the whole week in a group, you can use our self-plan tours which give you the option to adapt to your schedule. We can provide authentic workshops, giving you a taste of what the Muslims made in the time of Al-Andalus, architectural insight and historical gems. All that combined with halal food options, mosque trips and good company.

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