Things are finally cooling down here in Granada. It has been a hot summer, even though Granada is one of the cooler cities. It is incredible how the tourists aren’t scared of the afternoon heat. The Spaniards are hibernating, sleeping the siesta, yet the tourists are out and about, soaking up the sun.

August is normally a quiet month here in Granada but this month has been noticeably busy. There is so much to do in Granada that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be directly under the scorching sun. Many parts of the Alhambra are very cool, being designed especially for that reason. There is so much running water and shaded areas by the grand trees in the gardens. The Mosque of Cordoba is almost chilly inside too.


If you are coming with kids then there is always the Science Park to check out. Full of activities and beautiful things to see, as well as the Planetarium.

September/October is the perfect time to visit Andalusia. Sevilla has cooled down significantly and Córdoba too. You can still go to the beach and enjoy the sun, however, you can still enjoy the days to the fullest and even go to bed a bit earlier (I know that is something I enjoy!)

With our newly implemented system of portable digital itineraries, you can enquire to us about any schedule and we will first help you optimize it and then provide a tool whereby you keep our advised Travel Plan in a day by day format along with everything related to your trip, as well as options for you to pick what you would like to be involved in and still make time for yourself. It is perfect if you want to experience Andalusia as a group yet still want to have alone time and time to reflect. Especially if you are coming for a romantic mini-break, or coming with children and a full programme would just be too much for them. You can come along to a ceramic workshop, join us for the Alhambra or a tour of the Albaicin and we can advise you on what to do with the rest of your time. Last but not least, this independent approach will also be saving you some of your travel budgets since we won’t have to guide you all the way full time in person, as we do!

This is an ideal way to spend your precious holiday, some of you with just a handful of days a year.

Have a look at the possibilities through our website and if you have enquiries don’t hesitate to contact us by any means!