This is going to be the start of a series of blogs about hidden secrets in Andalusian cities

Carmen de Los Martires

Where should we start? Since I have started collaborating with fashion brands to show off their new collections I have been searching Granada for beautiful places to take photos of course. As you walk up to the Alhambra on the right-hand side you can find the Carmen de Los Martires. It is a beautiful palace surrounded by beautiful gardens. The gardeners working with such discretion, I hardly notice they were there. So many beautiful corners, many similar to the Generalife of the Alhambra. Patterns, water, grape trees and even a family of peacocks. If you don’t see them you will definitely be able to hear them. They are either roaming the gardens or keeping watch on top of the palace itself. I was there last year at the annual music festival that they hosted in the palace. It was stunning. Wander up the hill, take a bus or a taxi, so as not to miss this hidden treasure.



I suppose we better head to the Albaicin next. It is a place many people miss. They jump on the bus to San Nicolas, watch the sunset perhaps, and walk back down in the dark or even jump on the bus yet again. The buses are so often packed and the view from the window can often be distorted by other tourists or just dirty glass. The best way to enjoy this historical area is on foot. If uphill is a problem for anyone, jump in a taxi, and walk down. The Albaicin is full of stunning architecture, beautiful houses and cobbled paths. The perfectly white houses are finished with dark oak doorways.

I think people underestimate just how close the Albaicin is from the city centre. Just take a few steps are you quickly become immersed in this historical landmark. It is full of monuments and ridden with stories. Casa de Zafra, Dar Al-Horra, Casa de Chapiz and Puerta Elvira to name a few. We can look into the stories of these sacred monuments and see what we find.

Who has been to the Albaicin? What have you found beneath the cobbles?