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Hello lovely people!
We hope you are all enjoying the end of summer inshaAllah. It has definitely been a hot one this year here in Spain.
We would like to take this opportunity to announce that we have been undergoing some changes to our website recently. We hope this way it is able to reflect the full scope of offers we have been working on over the past ten plus years. We have been working hard to bring our services up to date with our demand. From group requests to individuals and family groups, we hope to provide the best service and value. Technology is constantly changing, as we all know and it is a challenge for us to keep up on all fronts, best hotel offers, immediate confirmations, etc, we have had to divide our original guided group package tour service into different possibilities taking into account many complex factors but above all your own choices. This said we are also now offering a brand new app that allows us to share any travel plan on a day by day digital Travel Plan Itinerary schedule. Through our new Travel Plan App’s or by email we offer you support from the planning stage until arrival, and throughout, until your departure home. This is the most efficient ‘middle way’, to integrate the use of cellphone technology within our service. Which, without straying from our usual personalized travel plans and support in planning, allows us to continue our support throughout the trip adding to your itinerary and bookings on the go!

We have created a new collaboration section where we specifically address the needs of distinct types of travel organizers, or providers or simple supporters. This may be an influencer who can let others know about our upcoming offers, a teacher, scholar or specialist wanting to bring his local group along to «Discover the Secrets of Muslim Spain» any type of organization or community wanting to make leisurely or cultural trips to support any given cause, a local tour guide or segway manager in any major city, may add City Plans to our offer. These are just some vivid examples of whom may benefit from our collaboration plans, apart from the obvious travel professionals, tour operators and agents. If any of this appeals to you please check our new Collaborations page or apply here.

This is an exciting opportunity to share a variety of tours and activities at a wide range of locations, keeping ahead of the game we already cover all of the major online distribution channels, as well as providing active regular support to both our collaborators and the final guests to our services throughout. The possibilities are endless and we would love for you to jump on board!

By using our independent tour options you can let us in in any plans you have made so far and we can take it from there. We can organise the logistics of check-ins and check-outs, tour times and monumental visits. You can look at our variety of offers available for the days you are here to take your trip to the next level.

We hope you find something on our website that suits you and we look forward to meeting you all soon.