Getting to know each place we visit is such an important part of our service as tour guides. Whether it be if it is appropriate for you in terms of accessibility or climate. We thrive to really understand each and every city to facilitate the visit as much as possible. 

If you having any difficulty, whether it be walking long distances, or you are in a wheelchair, always let your us know in advance so that we can create a perfect travel plan for you and your group. There are a few places in Granada, for example, that would be better to avoid if mobility is an issue. The Alhambra, in one visit, may be difficult for some who can’t walk for long periods of time. There are people who spend hours in the Alhambra while others whizz around in an hour and a half. It all depends on your mobility and stamina. There is always the option of visiting part of it in the morning and the rest in the afternoon or even the next day. This also goes for children. In the summer months, the heat can be overwhelming, reaching 40+ degrees in some parts of the day. Children can become impatience and very hot so it is important to get the most out of the morning in order to take a slower pace in the afternoon in another activity.

The Albaicin is another area of town that often catches people off, guard. If you don’t have that local knowledge you may try and brave it up to San Nicolas before getting exhausted half way and not have an alternative yet to continue. Buses and taxis are even an option and make it accessible for those in wheelchairs or with walking aids of any sort.

In Seville, it is a lot easier as it is bigger and there is more of the city that is flat and smoother than cobbly old Granada. Seville is very flat and this makes this a lot more accessible. Also, a summer trip to this city will be made easier with short outside visits as the heat can become unbearable. The old Jewish area is cobbled but it is just a small area.

Cordoba is saved by the cold atmosphere of the Great Mosque of Cordoba which you can be taken to the door and guided around and from there go to our next location without being exposed to the heat for long periods.

Always let us know so we can plan a perfect trip for you and your loved ones!