We had the pleasure to assist and host Adam Williamson and his aspiring artists in Cordoba last week too! After a welcoming tour of the city, we visited the monuments, to let the buildings do some talking. The students must experience the art to get their artistic juices flowing!

We love introducing big groups to these incredible cities. To see their faces light up with awe and their emotions bounce off each other is incredible. Every city has something to share, for each person something different. Being in Cordoba is very inspiring for aspiring artists. We encourage all our customers to visit Cordoba, it was once the most important place in the Islamic World and the mosque is something one can not miss.

They sat for many hours during the week studying in detail the Mosque of Cordoba and how mathematical geometry and Islamic art captured this place. Adam Williamson is one of the best in his field. Please read the last blog to find out more about him.


We asked one of our aspiring artists to write a short testimonial, “The Cordoba study trip started with a visit to the beautiful Mezquita de Cordoba followed by an enlightening tour around the old part of the city lead by Al-Andalus Experience.

In the art classes, we analysed and drew patterns from the Mezquita, mainly the beautiful arches and a selection of beautiful geometric patterns. We also looked at the biomorphic patterns after our trip to Seville, on the third day, and the Alcazar Palace. The highlight of the trip was the visit to Medina Azahara and meeting lovely people from different backgrounds.”

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and we looked forward to meeting a new group next year and doing it all over again!