Welcome to Al-Andalus Experience!

We are honoured to present to you our Independent Travel options. You can input your current travel plans into any of our website forms for us to send you an invite link to your own day by day Travel Plan schedule. The App will provideall options, suggesting tours and places to hop on! You can join an existing tour in any aspect, hoping in and out of our City Plans within a cohesive day by day scheduled Travel Plan. Do you have a free day on your trip and want to make the most of every moment? Let us know and we can make it a day to remember! Want to add a city at the last minute but don’t have a clue where to start? Just send us an in-app message and our dedicated support team will take care of integrating new choices into your Travel Plan for you to learn about, consider within your general plan and book with ease. 

Of course, who knows better than yourselves about how you want your trip to be? This platform is there for you, a place where you can make your holiday your own and «dress it» as you like on a per day, location and activity basis.

Last week we had a couple from Saudi Arabia who found out about our website online. They wanted a tour of Granada, a tour guide in Seville and in Cordoba. They had their Alhambra tickets, hotels sorted and even the transport. We offered them our Discover the Origins of Granada and Discover Cordoba Walking Tour, last minute and they were over the moon.

“I found the information and the tour very helpful, packed with lots of good background information of the places we visited from the historical periods of Al Andalus to how it is today. I would definitely recommend this service to friends and family. It was a pleasure to meet Ahmad Zaruq from Granada and Hanif in Cordoba, it is my favourite of the three cities we visited.” Faizal, Saudi Arabia

Our Travel Plan app also provides a GPS location feature makes it so easy to find any specific location on the route, providing as such an entirely new range of Independent Travel options. Whereas it is equally or more usefull for all of our multi day group tours, since participants can chat to each other through it, stay informed and coordinated on a general and individual level within the day by Travel Plan.your tour guide or find the rest of your group at meeting points. The possibilities are endless.

If you have any questions or just want to know more information about how this app works then just get in touch.