This hilly, cobbly enchanted barrio of Granada is a place not to miss. It is full of history and stories to be told. Also, if you walk to the top there is a great feeling of accomplishment that deserves a nice cold refreshment on one of the terraces by the church of San Nicolas. It homes the best view of the Alhambra there is. This Nasrid dynasty and world heritage site is where the Muslims lived whilst the Muslim reign (800 – 1490). A labyrinth of entwining alleys, cul-de-sacs and narrow streets were designed to confuse those who attacked. The possibility of getting lost is the essence of its design, only the inhabitants really know how to get around and the many shortcuts. These white walls protect some of the most beautiful carmens in Granada. It has a charm and beauty that is similar to the Alfama in Lisbon, yet they have their own character. That is what I do, I often compare the old part of the city, of the place I am visiting, to the Albaicin. However, there is nowhere that quite meets the quaintness of the Albaicin.


The Sultans of Granada lived in this incredible palace throughout the Muslim reign. It has many sections, the Generalife being the Sultan’s summer house completely surrounded by glorious fountains and thought out gardens. This was ideal as it is a little way from the main palace, granting him some tranquillity away from the daily business of the Alhambra. It is distinguished from the oranged toned palace, bright white in the sea of green. The Alhambra became a miracle of its time and is still considered that until this day. Full of outstanding geometry, the first of its time in Europe, it still shocks architects away. Incorporating mathematics way beyond the expertise of the rest of Europe as well as the standard of art. The famous calligraphy and Arabic phrase “Wa La ghaaliba illa Allah” which translate as “There is no victory except God” is engraved over 50,000 times around the walls of this masterpiece. It is definitely worth having a tour guide take you around the Alhambra, you can book on our Independent Travel App or join one of our tours. It can be difficult to get tickets last minute so let us take care of it for you.


Granada is small and the city centre is great for shopping. There are all your favourite brands but for people that are looking for quality souvenirs here are some tips.

TripAdvisor is a great place to start, just type in “Shopping in Granada” and you will find some great stores. Munira Leather comes up as #1 and for the right reason. It is a haven for handmade treasure. It is most famous for the leather they make, Munira and her son Hamza have had a workshop in the centre of town for many years, just above the shop. They make high-quality leather bags, wallets, wall hangings, jewellery and accessories all from Spanish cowhide. They also home silk scarves, a little different from the rest, silver jewellery, ceramics and much much more. It is like walking into an art gallery.

I would definitely recommend heading to TripAdvisor, you will save your valuable time and find the best stores in Granada.  

Just a few tips for visiting Granada, please comment any advice you can add for your fellow travellers! What is your favourite place in Granada?