As it is getting colder, Andalusia is the perfect place to visit. It is not too crowded and the sun is still shining. The holiday, you can have, amongst such history and culture, is perfect this time of the year. Saying ‘goodbye’ to the beach can’t always be easy but trying a city holiday in Granada, Seville and Cordoba might just be your new favourite thing. They are perfect places to get that mini-break you need.

I am currently in England, travelling all over the country visiting family, working and meeting new people. There is such a different rhythm here, stressful jobs, busy streets and days planned down to the T. Everyone going towards the centre of London, packed in like sardines and trying to not be late. A mini-break is what people need here, just a few days away to take their mind off work, the house and the hustle and bustle of London’s underground. Find a holiday that suits your budget, plan your holiday on our Independent Travel App, or leave it to us to organise a perfect few days for you and your friends or even a romantic getaway. There are some gorgeous places to stay in Andalusia, you will never want to go home.

Our introduction tours of the city are great to get your bearings, so accompany us as we wander the streets of the Albaicin, the barrio of Santa Cruz or the small pretty town of Cordoba. We can get you up to date on the history, show you the best places to eat and even where you should watch the sunset.

Are you finding it difficult to buy tickets for the important monuments? Let us handle it. We can organise as much of your holiday as you want us to. Our team is ready to pick up where you have left off or build your trip from scratch.

We would love to hear back from you. Have you ever travelled to Spain? What would you have loved to have done on your holiday? What can we do to improve our services?