Everyone who visits Granada visits the Alhambra. However, maybe to your surprise, not everyone who visits the Alhambra visits Granada. When I found this out it struck me to be somewhat surprising, but then again the Alhambra itself is like a small city. It has so much to see and if your days in Spain are limited you may prioritise a visit to the Alhambra overseeing the city in which it resides.

Today I am going to tell you about the Nasrid Palaces in the Alhambra. These palaces are made up by rooms such as the Mexuar, the Golden Room,  Palace of Comares or Yusuf I and the Palace of the Lions or Muhammad V.

When you walk into the Mexuar, the first room you encounter, you will find a variety of patterns and designs that will follow you throughout your Alhambra visit. The walls are covered in the famous Islamic patterns, blues and green prominent. The ceilings have been intricately carved from dark wood. That is just it, there are surprises and secrets waiting for you everywhere in the Alhambra. The ceilings, the floors, the windows, all tell a story and are a piece of the puzzle.

Historians have spent years translating the poems on the walls on the Alhambra, especially in the Palace of Comares where we come to next. Little anecdotes are to be had for those that entered this palace. This palace was a place where guests would have come and the where the occupants sought counsel from ambassadors of the neighbouring kingdoms.

The room has nine alcoves. On one side of the wall of one of them reads “The one that speaks well should be respected”. and on the opposite side it reads ”Don’t talk too much and you’ll be at peace”.

Walking out of this room into the courtyard you are met with a breathtaking view. A tower is exactly mirrored in the water that lays beneath it. Some say that the Sultan would walk by here and be reminded of the power God beholds. Why you may ask? The water’s reflection of his beloved Alhambra is one of a crumbling tower as the water gently ripples. It was a reminder to him and those who lived there that this life is temporary and God is eternal. It is clear that Allah was very much present in the lives of those that live here as it is written ten thousand times over “There is no Victor but God”. This is clear from the moment you enter the Nasrid Palaces. 

What are your best memories from the Nasrid Palaces or where are you most excited to visit?