In my last blog, I wrote about the first few rooms within the walls of the Alhambra Palace. I will continue to talk about the Palace by going on to the Palace of the Lions or Muhammad V’s Palace. It is a large patio surrounded by halls all to admire, in the centre, this gorgeous lion fountain. It was named Muhammad V as this was his work after he succeeded his father Yusuf I. He created this incredible palace. It is here that the Nasrid art, the Islamic Art as we know it together, reached great peaks in its magnificence. The balance of water, light and colours with the exquisite decoration means a real pleasure for the senses. It is harmonious and relaxing. Artists and even Mathematicians are in complete awe of the naturalistic style wrapped in true architecture. Due to the relationship between King Pedro I and Muhammad V, there is definitely a sense of more of a naturalistic style here.


The fountain itself is an alabaster basin and the lion figures are made from white marble. The lions are a symbol of strength, power and sovereignty.  and are not to be seen as physically accurate to a lion. A poem can be found at the edge of this incredible fountain. It is written by Ibn Zamrak, an Andalusian poet, and it talks about the beauty of the fountain and the power that the Lions have. It also talks about how the fountain’s hydraulic systems work. Make sure to look out for this on your visit.

To the right of the patio, you can find the Hall of the Abencerrajes. It has an incredible ceiling which they nickname the “Honeycomb”. It is a perfectly square room at this incredible ceiling is painting in blue, red, brown and gold.

In front of this hall is the Hall of the two Sisters. It takes its name because of the two white marble slabs laid as part of the pavement. A fountain can also be found in this room.

Other patios that can be found from the Patio of the Lions are the Hall of the Mocarabes to the west, the Hall of the Kings to the east, the Hall of the Ajimeces and Daraxa’s Mirador to the north and the Harem to the south.

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