Hello, world!
Just testing a new ‘share’ button to the bottom of our newly revised website. Our homepage now reflects our latest service updates, as well as goes about listing our entire offer onto a fully functional online booking system, with discount codes included. This is not the only news, to what we intend as service ‘tweaks’ and extra options to our original offer, now over ten years old, mostly directed to organizational or student pre-formed groups visiting Andalusia & Spain or Morocco.

It is a struggle to keep up with the speedy winds of time, however, engaging in this now for over ten years with a permanent look on our past 1500-2000 years of history, the challenge is healthy to overcome. We have managed to make some long-planned first steps into integrating our service into the current world APP fever, enhancing our guided group tours and providing more flexible and independent options by means of the same tool now inherent to our service throughout, providing our digital day by day mobile plans for any trip or event.

We hope and pray that you enjoy the new ‘Travel Plan’ – ‘Featured Cities’ – ‘City Plan’ layout of our offer, and this makes it easier for everyone to find a cosy standard in travelling to any desired plan. We have revised our package prices to absorb the complex logistics involved, especially towards small familiar groups or independent travellers, and will be moving on next to updating our yearly agenda to provide more availability throughout our entire offer online. We will also be fine tuning our ‘Travel Plan Samples’ to complete all available booking options for each, over the next weeks, after which we have a list of the draft ‘Travel Plans’ to continue listing and providing service to.

Next up, Summer Plans, City Escape Plans, Express Guided City Connection Plans, extra travel themes, more cities featured, etc. Following sophisticated work methods that we have developed and refined through the years and recently improved, we are more ready than ever to continue with a unique passion for what we do in enabling our best offers to you.

Thank you all for your continued support. We remain to all of your service, here in Andalusia Spain, available to respond to any needs, service requests or questsions In shaa ‘a Allah in best manner than ever.

Regards & Salaam from Andalusia, Spain.
Ahmad Zaruq Summers