Fully serviced tours in Andalusia for any group size.

We offer tours, workshops and events for the world to come and revive the heritage and traditions of al-Andalus.

An encounter with the historical paradoxes in Muslim Spain. An exclusive insight from the very first generation of Spanish Muslims since the fall of al-Andalus, seeking for an unbiased and objective historical picture of al-Andalus. Based upon the official historical version and further researches from independent and unbiased professors and experts on the matter we have produced a print edition ‘Booklet Guide of al-Andalus’ summarising the main points which will lead you to a complete comprehension of the Islamic period in Spain and the specific importance of the cities and sites visited along our tours. The tours count with a specialist tour conductor from our organization and local official guides for monuments in the different towns.

Our first program is an ‘express tour’ covering the main towns and provinces of al-Andalus. The 5 day program is quite intense though travellers can make use of their evening time in each location at will. For an itinerary at a more relaxed pace, with time for shopping and free walks or entertainment please check our 7 night tour. As a more ‘exotic’ plan, we offer a 5 night taster of Morocco and for those who want it all there is a combined al-Andalus and al-Maghreb program of 12-14 nights, visiting Andalusian and Moroccan main towns and digging out their history.

For those who want to go deeper into specific areas of interest within the history of al-Andalus, we offer tour extensions on different topics including the expulsion of the Moriscos, final Muslims in Spain after 1492 and Spirituality and Scholars of al-Andalus and al-Maghreb, with a study case of Ibn Arabi.

Our tours are available all year around, though the best time to enjoy them under the good Spanish weather is March to June or September to December. Rain is unpredictable but in any case it rarely rains for over -2 days running in this part of Spain. Most rain falls during October, November, April & May). January and February are rather cold (0-12ºC) July and August can also provide a very nice stay if you have a fresh & shady interior room, courtyard ‘patio’ or or A/C Apartment to enjoy your regular indoor activities during the hottest part of the day. You can adopt the local tradition of a large midday meal and later ‘siesta’, in any case the activity should be indoor from around 15h to 19h.

Tour prices vary as to standard chose, group sizes and dates, low, middle and high season as well as frequent local festive dates. Please email us with your request so that we can provide you our best assessment on how to book providing the several options and alternatives available for each tour. Wcannot provide accurate quotation until we are provided with the travelling dates group size & specific route. However, we have regular tour promotions towards a minimum 20 traveler group size. We can provide you with reference prices towards the 2012-2013 average non-festive middle season. These prices will allow for revision & minor discounts depending on the hotels chosen, likewise these prices may increase by over 30% on peak local festives and high season (Christmass & Easter hollidays).


We do not cover flight arrangements to the date, though we can assist you with them if consulted.

Accommodation at 3-4 stars hotel in the cities mentioned as pernocting locations in the above itinerary.

The accommodation is offered as standard including breakfast.

Lunch & Dinner are, or are not included according to the option chosen by your travel agent towards each individual group promotion/date. This should be clearly listed within the documentation & posters for each group tour/date. Our pricelists include the three options as default prices.

One of our local (Muslim) guides will welcome at arrival meeting point (airport, port) and continue with the group until departure.

We will add an extra travel assistant for groups over 26 travellers.

All transfers are included by private bus or taxi, according to group size. The vehicles used will be between 1 and 5 years of age in Spain and 1-10 years of age in Morocco, counting with air conditionning and safety measures as per European Union regulation(12h/day driving E.U. service regulation).

Main monuments included at cities listed on your itinerary and a list of our favorite local museums at each location. Please consult for specific details.

Official UNESCO World Heritage Guide included at the main tour sites at Córdoba, Sevilla & Granada.


Our main routes of Al-Andalus are available for private or group tours in Spain from February to June, winter season being September to December.


If you intend to have a private group visit or are looking for a self guided tour please fill in the form provided at the bottom of the page and we will advise you, upon any arrangements you require.
The core module of our routes around Andalusia, consists of a 5 night discovery tour covering the most important historical capitals of Al-Andalus, their Islamic legacy and monuments as well as their provinces as we move through: Cordoba, Seville and Granada.

The core module of our routes around Spain, consists of a 5 night discovery tour in Andalusia, covering the most important historical capitals of Al-Andalus, their Islamic legacy and monuments as well as their provinces as we move through: Cordoba, Seville and Granada.

5 Night Introduction to Al-Andalus, starting from Malaga Airport (AGP)

5 night tour covering the historical centers of the main cities in the heart of al-Andalus. The tour includes city tours and sight seeing at Córdoba, Sevilla and Granada.

The video below was kindly produced by one of our early guests, an entire chanel about us '@"livealandalus'', using our 'twitter' name. So we now have an "unofficial Youtube channel" showing both feedback and graphic images about our tours and events in Andalusia, Spain. Enjoy! (please forgive small errors in this simple edition)
Al-Andalus Tours

After the tour you are welcome to stay and relax enjoying the nice Spanish weather from a rural cottage or historical city center apartment.

Rural accommodation is available in the mountains of the Alpujarra with private pool for a relaxing extra couple of days or weeks! or if you preffer the seaside there is are two main choices in Andalusia, the Mediterranean Sea, ‘Costa Tropical’& ‘Costa del Sol’, or the Atlantic Ocean, ‘Costa de la Luz‘.

We can also assist you to travel south into Morocco, a sweet & sour experience, always full of flavor. It is recommendable to travel in Morocco with a local who you can trust to give you best advice and help you make the best out of your time. We have highly trusted easy going and resourceful local, speaking English & Spanish at Rabat, Fees and Marrakech. Check the flights from Seville or Malaga, they are cheap.

Below you may find a list of interesting modules to extend your tour with. The list also includes workshops and events that we are currently offering, please check our website and calendar for updates or inquire for more information.

5-6 days: 'Discover al-Andalus'

Al-Andalus Experience, Discover the Secrets of Muslim Spain.


Our tours are currently being offered by several agent partners worldwide.

You may be interested in joining upon their group promotions, or our own scheduled toursobtaining the economical and multicultural benefit in sharing the route experience with a larger group.

If you are interested in gathering and promoting your own group tour towards a given date, please contact us to and we will help you to the purpose, joining onto your own promotion of the event through our own organization and any other third parties of your selection.







Calendar of Events

We soon hope to be presenting a yearly calendar of events in the form of ‘Andalusi Culture Festivals’ in cities of Andalusia and Morocco, including concerts in traditional music, chants, conferences, workshops, expositions, craft markets and tour excursions within the program of each festival.

We hope you enjoy our present offer, please feel free to request your own tour or event program and we will fit our experience to you specifications.

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