Enjoying Granada!

Albaicin This hilly, cobbly enchanted barrio of Granada is a place not to miss. It is full of history and stories to be told. Also, if you walk to the top there is a great feeling of accomplishment that deserves a nice cold refreshment on one of the terraces by the...

Cooling Off

Things are finally cooling down here in Granada. It has been a hot summer, even though Granada is one of the cooler cities. It is incredible how the tourists aren’t scared of the afternoon heat. The Spaniards are hibernating, sleeping the siesta, yet the tourists are...


Our City Plans in Madrid are intended to reveal the unique history and allow you to enjoy the fusion of different cultures. A special town, which was once the very capital of Al-Andalus.
Madrid city visit can be further extended and connected with other Travel Plans or connected to other City Plans to form your own tailored tour or set of experiences. We invite you to travel leisurely through Toledo, Cordoba, Seville and Granada before departing through Malaga or Madrid.