Special Evening Dinner in Cordoba’s Ancient Medina

Our Dining Event in Cordoba’s most ancient town, Medina Al-Qadima, which surrounds the Umayyad Mosque. We also offer our Welcome Tour and UNESCO Heritage Tour of the Umayyad Mosque itself, separately. Our dinner is designed to be a fit plan for any new travellers in town, willing get to know the full fusion of Al-Andalus, through a pleasant evening full of senses and flavour. After our daytime visits and a short time for leisure activities & shopping, hence at 8:30pm when shops around the ancient town start to close we will gather our group for our welcome dinner at Andalusi Courtyard home in the medina of Córdoba.

The Salon itself consists of an Andalusian home, with appropriate kitchen facilities and service around a traditional courtyard which is where we normally have our dinner served.

Welcome City Tour: Discover Toledo The Capital of Former Castille & Iberia

Discover one of the oldest cities of Europe on a 2-hour walking sightseeing tour in Toledo and see magnificent examples of fusion between and within the Islamic, Jewish and Catholic architecture from different epochs.

The former capital of Hispania, highlights of your tour include the Alcazar, looming over the city on its highest hill. One of the few buildings outside the city walls, the fortress provides a detailed history, from its time as a Roman palace to its role as a military academy during the Spanish Civil War.

Discover Sevilla, City Welcome Walking Tour

Discover Sevilla, ‘Capital of Andalusia Today’, a key historical point in the Andalusian landscape. Seville is a modern capital which remounts back to the Romans, a place of diversity and the meeting place of different civilizations.

Discover the Origins of Granada, City Welcome Tour in Albaycin.

Albaycin is the ancient town containing the most beautiful sites of modern Granada. The striking views of the Alhambra with the snow-topped Sierra Nevada Mountains blending into the unique landscape of the city and its surrounding. The tour takes us further through San Nicolas Square where we will find our local Mosque ‘Mezquita Mayor de Granada’. As we walk from the Albaycin to Sacromonte area to discover more ancestral and ‘sacred’ secrets of our city, we catch glimpses of the views from different angles and locations.

UNESCO Guided Tour of the Alhambra Palaces & Gardens, in Granada, Spain

Three hour guided, small group walking tour of the Alhambra palatial town, including the Nasrid Palaces, Alkasaba fortress, Generalife summer palace and gardens, and the old medina of the Alhambra.

Tickets: Monuments included, yet not guaranteed until the booking confirmation is duly reached.

Your guide will provide you with insight into the different areas of the government city and Palaces of Alhambra, and the function of each of them; Comares Tower, Patio de Los Leones, Mexuar, Generalife, etc. At the end of the tour you will have free choice to visit the fortress or ‘Alkasbah’ structure, and then to head down to town centre, at 10 minutes walking through the forest. You can have lunch, coffee, tea or lemonade. You will find lively Moroccan ‘souq’ shopping streets behind the more modern street fronts.

Guided Tour of The Umayyad Mosque in Cordoba

This is the most important mosque in the Islamic West, and the second largest in the world in its time. The mosque was founded by Abderrahman I and was enlarged with the great emirs and caliphs.
Today it is the Cathedral of Córdoba, but it still reserves the name of Mezquita.

Discover Cordoba Welcome City Tour

Enjoy an opportunity to discover the ancient Muslim town or ‘ Medina’ al Qadima of Cordoba. We will be exploring the historical centre of the ancient town it’s Umayyad Mosque along with the local UNESCO Heritage Guides.

Guided Tour to Medinat al-Zahrah from Cordoba

Guided tour dedicated to the archaeological site of Medina Azahara, palace city ordered built by the first Cordovan Caliph Abd al-Rahman III.
The archaeological site of Medina Azahara is, without doubt, one of the biggest tourist attractions possessing Córdoba.