Custom Events and Study Trips

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Custom Events and Study Trips in Andalusia, Spain


Our services cover the organisation of any type of event in Andalusia or any of it’s aspects as a single service: Location, Reservation, Transport & Logistics, Halal Catering, as well as Promotion of the Event through our site and a network of partner sites.


Our main concern being with Cultural Events, we can also organize from weddings to conferences, school excursions to seminars, putting all our resources and solutions in Andalusia, to your service.





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Study Trips & Workshops

‘Learning Traditional Andalusi Arts, Crafts & Sciences along with their historical significance.’


Our interest in al-Andalus has inspired us to also encourage and support local artists & craftsmen to organize a series of Workshops. The whole and sole purpose is to open a door which can ensure the continuity of these arts and to build a gateway through which anyone can access Traditional Andalusi Arts & Crafts such as: Ceramics, Leather Crafts, Islamic Calligraphy, Decorative Arts, Geometry in Nature & Art, Andalusi Garden Design, Traditional Olive Cultivation and Oil Extraction, Tajweed (Quranic recitation) and other Traditional Andalusi and Islamic studies. Our workshops can be weaved into any of our tours or booked as a group along or independently of any other service.

The Crafts & Workshop area is fundamental in order to focus our action towards the local population of Andalusia & Spain today. Moreover, we also hope to provide interesting activities for field trips, excursions, independent travelers or Educational Institutions and Organizations. We can include any of our workshop schedules within our planned itineraries.


Below you may find a list of workshops that we can currently offer. Please contact us by email or through the form further below on this page for tailored programs or a specific group request. We can arrange the workshops and trip plan to your group needs.


Thank you.


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