Whether you are visiting Spain as an organized group tour or privately at your own pace, we offer a series of city tours and activities to enhance your leisure time at each location. We invite you to explore and actively discover the historical centers of the main cities of al-Andalus and modern Spain, in the most memorable manner.
This section will be updated regularly, if there is anything you would like to find or have heard about and cannot see it below, please don’t be shy and ask us directly through the contact form below.

The Umayyad Mosque of Cordoba, Guided UNESCO Tour

Segway tour in Granada

Discover Granada & Albaycin, introduction walk

Introduction walk to Cordoba’s ancient ‘medina’

Electric Bike Tours in Granada and Province

Islamic geometry and floral design (Islimi)

Pottery & Ceramics

Nashrid leather art workshops


Local Muslims Assisting Muslim Travelers, unofficially since 1994.

We are a collaboration of individuals, professionals, and organizations in Spain, committed to upholding and sharing the legacy of Al-Andalus. We welcome travelers from all over to discover this legacy through our educational tours, workshops, and events. Our services cater to Muslims, offering Halal meals and a healthy, family-friendly environment.

Upholding and sharing the legacy of Al-Andalus. Discover our educational tours, workshops, and events. اَلْحَمْدُ لِلّه

Al-Andalus Experience, ‘Discover the Secrets of Muslim Spain.’

Incoming Destination Management & Travel Agency in Granada, Spain

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