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Our effort for the past 10 years has been to establish ongoing regular group tours, where travellers of a different origin can interact during the tour while sharing the cost of our daytime servive units; vehicles, guides, etc. Our promotion group tours are offered weekly in good standards standards, the only conditionant is they are to be confirmed at 15 participants and over. If the trip is not confirmed one month agead of arrival then we would suggest alternatives dates and service packages to match the cost, requote to an updated price or produce a full refund to you.

A guided approach to the origin of Islam in Iberia, Al-Andalus. A story of unity vs division and dispersion, the Golden Age of Islam in Europe, it’s height and downfall. We start out this tour at Madrid, the capital of modern Spain, moving straight into our historical narration by staying at Toledo, Medieval capital of Iberia, ‘mosaic’ and ‘bridge’ between the three main cultures & religious traditions in Al-Andalus. After Toledo, we move south along the ‘Route of Don Quixote’, through Castilla La Mancha, to Andalusia while receiving an introductory summary of the history of Iberia, its origins, population and religious diversity, in Christian Spain before. As we move into Andalusia, we will also be shifting in time, to Al-Andalus. The tour will also present the deeper roots of Iberian tradition and the Moorish-Morris fusion into our modern time through the very words of reading our Spanish top literature master Miguel de Cervantes.

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The model of cities with stable environments, where men of different sciences were commissioned to study and develop the different sciences, had already brought a cultural revolution in the East. Cities such as Damascus and Baghdad collected and further developed several elements taken from the Byzantine, Persian, Hindus and Chinese civilizations, integrating them within the Islamic holistic approach to knowledge. Further, the wise Hispaniola-Muslims, strongly influenced by this Eastern Revolution, also studied the ancient Greek philosophical work. New ways to sail at sea were opened by the development of the compass, new methods of irrigation for the fields where introduced and paper was manufactured towards books of science.

The Medina, city in Arabic, had defensive towers, with optical communication systems and offered its inhabitants protection in times of war. The main streets of the medina where born at the doors of the city walls and were turned into stoned roads. The rest of the city where a labyrinth of little alleyways. These cities, both small and large, created stable environments where scholars in the different sciences would gather to share and further develop their studies. Large cities had sewerage systems for dirty water, public fountains with drinkable water and numerous baths. There where also funduqs or guest houses for the caravans which brought diverse merchandises to the town, coming from the farmlands, other cities or diverse foreign countries.