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3 night Tour in Andalusia, Spain.
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Join our Regular Promotion Tours, offering best Value Shared Group Tours, based on your own accommodation bookings. We shall be offering this tour on a monthly basis, twice a moth, approximately during the first and last week of every month. You may connect other ‘City Escapes’ and ‘Travel Service Options’ and connections for extending this tour at your own pace and leisure, our offer has been designed with your choice specifically in mind.

This 3-night tour is the shortest version of our classic journey into the heart of al-Andalus, through the Golden Age Cities, covering the most relevant capitals of Andalusia in a search for their Islamic legacy as well as their provinces as we move through Cordoba, Jaen (province) and Granada. We will stay one night in Cordoba, Caliphate Capital of Al-Andalus followed by two nights in Granada, the Last Muslim Kingdom in Spain.

Visit Andalusia and Spain, by the hand of first and second generation Muslims in Andalusia. We deliver the best value group tours, routes & experiences, along with other travelers from a worldwide origin, or privately at your own pace and style.

The mystery surrounding Islam’s introduction to Spain is one echoed by many historians. It is openly acknowledged that much of Al-Andalus’ history has been either hidden or re-written in the wake of the Spanish Inquisition. This lack of historical transparency continues to inspire researchers, historians, and local enthusiasts to investigate and reveal this particular rich yet ‘covered’ history.

Al-Andalus Experience originally emerged partly to a lack of service that goes into solving logistic problems for Muslim travelers in Spain. A great part of our team and collaborators are of Muslim faith and religion, hence we appreciate the needs and interests of Muslim travelers. In spite of this, we would like to offer our tours, activities and excursions to an intercultural public, such as the one which originally inhabited al-Andalus. In this way we  fulfill our aim as a travel agency in securing a ‘Cultural Bridge’ throughout these enriching experiences in Spain.

Travel back into the times of Al-Andalus & Iberia and staying within the Golden Age Cities of al-Andalus. Carefully planned travel routes, in a chronological order according to historical relevance, taking account for leisure and even shopping! Our routes invite you to discover the historical centers of the main cities in the heart of Al-Andalus.

The shortest version of our classic journey into the heart of al-Andalus, through the Golden Age Cities, covering the most relevant capitals of Andalusia in a search for their Islamic legacy as well as their provinces as we move through Cordoba and Granada. We will stay one night in Cordoba, Caliphate Capital of Al-Andalus followed by two nights in Granada, the Last Muslim Kingdom in Spain.

Day 1. Arrival at Malaga. Transfer to Cordoba.

Pick up at Malaga international airport, brief welcome presentations and transfer to Córdoba (170 km), introduction to Andalusia and Spain on our way. Upon arrival and check-in to your hotel in Cordoba we will take a leisurely walk through the Medina Al-Qadima of Córdoba into the very surroundings of the Ummaya Mosque, current Cathedral of Córdoba. Free time is provided here for any extra activities, rest, or shopping! As well as a lively town centre and many shops, there are three active mosques in Córdoba today worth visiting, a marvellous opportunity to meet some local Muslims while touring around town. Our welcome group dinner plan is optional at extra cost, we will advise you upon possible activities at the hotel lobby upon check-in.

Day 2: Cordoba, Capital of the Umayyads.

In the morning we shall have our guided visit of the Umayyad Mosque of Córdoba, one of the oldest structures still standing from the time Muslims ruled Al-Andalus in the late 8th century. After we continue to Medinat Al-Zahrathe Caliph’s court city palace’s archaeological site, research & exhibition centre. After lunch, we will continue to Granada for an active program there, the next day. The route from Córdoba to Granada contains views of many castles, towers, ‘zagras‘, white villages,whereby we can vividly recreate the historical vision of this whole period, the last Muslim lands of Al-Andalus, into the former Kingdom of Garn’atta, today’s Granada. We will be cruising along what was formerly for around 250 years border between the Muslim Kingdom of Granada and the four Spanish Chrisitan Kingdoms, after their conquest of Cordoba. A quick stop along the way will allow travellers to gain some knowledge about the Olive Oil industry, enabling us also to purchase olive oil & traditional rural products, in best quality and price.

Once in Granada we will again check-in to your hotel*booked by yourselves* and set our meeting time for an optional introductory walk, merging the modern city center with a brief presentation of the city center, a fusion of Souq markets, old alleyways, riverside & the active modern city appeals. This will lead us to independent leisure time, optional dinner arrangements and extra activities. Welcome to our home town Granada!

Day 3: Granada, the last Muslim Kingdom of Al-Andalus. Tour of the Alhambra court city, palaces and gardens.

Guided visit to the Alhambra palatial town, including the Nashrid Palaces, Alkasaba fortress, Generalife summer palace & gardens, and the old medina of the Alhambra. Afterwards, we move on to visit the old medina of Garnatta and it’s main areas, divisions, and city walls. We will visit the Albayzin Mosque at the Mirador de San Nicolas, most famous viewing point of Granada and the Alhambra. After a lunch break, we walk down to the town centre, visit the ‘souq’ streets, and the area’s most historical points. After due resting, you will have the afternoon free to make your own plans for shopping or extra optional activities available in Granada. You may enjoy free time in the modern town which is a fusion of Souq markets, old alleyways, riverside & the active modern city appeals.

Day 4: Departure Transfer to Malaga International Airport.

The program from this point onwards will depend on your departure arrangements as well as any optional tour extensions chosen at the time of your booking. If you are leaving today, we recommend you to book a late evening flight home from Malaga international airport. On a Friday Jummah in Granada is a lovely experience, the Albayzin Mosque at Mirador de San Nicolás watches over Granada city, the Alhambra and the snowy topped Sierra Nevada Mountain Ranges.

*Note: Please seek our advice upon extension plans, optional leisure activities, visits or available excursions to add on to this tour.

Accommodation & Meals

 Tour prices are separated into daytime ‘Travel Service Packs’, excluding accommodation; and our ‘Travel Route Hotel Offer’, which is provided below, priced per room, whether single or doble. Our accommodation offered separately is at a 3-4 stars hotel with breakfast included, unless stated otherwise within the ‘Price Terms’ of each individual ‘Hotel Package’ offer. We can usually confirm the whole circuit with 4 stars if the group is booked early.


We can also offer more family or student groups oriented city picturesque hostels or touristic apartments. Breakfast is not usually included by default at the apartments, but can be arranged nearby or provided as a self-catering breakfast to be self served before our morning  group meeting time.


Finally you may also use our ‘Hotel Paclages’ on their own, to travel independently; or use your own hotel bookings while benefiting of our daytime Travel Route Service Packs at different service standards.


As a standard for ‘Group Tours’ we like to include a full board meal option, two daily halal meals throughout the program, mostly at local Muslim restaurants; however this is provided as an optional extra, through our online booking system.


Tour Guides &  Transportation  

Arrival & departure point is Malaga International Airport [Airport code: AGP]; other connections available upon request. We include flight bookings upon request.


Our ‘Group Tours’ are managed by one or more of our local Muslim guides, who will welcome you at arrival meeting point (airport, port) and will continue with the group until departure. Added to this general tour conductor, we include Official Guides at every UNESCO Heritage Monument tour.


Transportation between cities is included, a private bus with A/C.


Monuments included: Cordoba: Mezquita Catedral de Córdoba*, Live Museum of al-Andalus, Medinat al-Zahra**, Casa Andalusi; Sevilla: Alkazar de Sevilla*, Catedral de Sevilla, Torre del Oro, Plaza de España. Granada: Alhambra Palace* & Gardens, Jannat al’Ariff (Generalife) Summer Palace*; Mezquita Mayor de Granada *Official UNESCO World Heritage Guide included. **This monument is closed on Sundays & Mondays, we sometimes have to compromise or displace them to another time/day than that listed on the above program.


The optimum ‘Group Tour’ value is obtained towards groups with 20 travellers or more, However, we quote to any standard and group size you request.  The pricing listed for our ‘Regular Tours’ has been calculated for a minimum group size of 15 participants, under this number the service cost will have to be requoted to a new, higher value. 

The schedule is intended as a flexible introduction to Al-Andalus. Group or private connections can be made to Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon and the tour could also continue south into Morocco. Please contact us via the form provided for a step by step guide in planning your trip, you may also search our ‘Hotel Packages’ section for independent travel packages and dedicated private services.


Due to reasons beyond our own control, we may have to change the itinerary program according to the travel dates, opening hours and other elements, to another time/day than those listed.


All items and the final program, standards and price will be confirmed during the booking process.


We also offer travel insurance upon request, we do not include it by default.





Our effort for the past 10 years has been to establish ongoing regular group tours, where travellers of a different origin can interact during the tour while sharing the cost of our daytime service units; vehicles, guides, etc. Our promotion group tours are offered twice a month in good standards, the only condition is they are to be confirmed at 15 participants and over. If the trip is cancelled then we would suggest alternatives or produce a full refund a month ahead.



We design our group tours to a comfortable standard. One of our tour managers will assist your group from arrival to departure, coordinating with our bus driver for transportation to tour sites and from city to city. City highlights and main Islamic heritage site tours are carried out by official UNESCO Heritage guides in Toledo, Cordoba, Seville, Granada and other cities when required. Our tour managers are well known to vividly narrate the general story, contrasting the information provided by the Official Local Guides at each city centre.


Small parties prefer a service which doesn’t become too expensive. While the alternative of a non-guided service is also possible by taking our ‘Travel Route Hotel Package’ without any daytime ‘Travel Service Pack’ , adding any optional extras to accommodate your choice; we offer a middle way. Our guides will act as a courtesy driver when necessary throughout our travel routes for groups under 6 person, we will only charge you for the actual vehicle running cost per day, in this case, no extras for driving, if you agree to these terms you may gain a significant discount optimized to your smaller group size (1-6 participants*).



Watch out for regular updates in our ‘City Hotel Offers’ section, where you can book the hotel packages of our travel routes or make your own plans, independently at your own pace & style. Optional extra travel services can be arranged to obtain the benefit of our guides under any circumstances or you can hop on and off from our weekly ‘City Guided Tours & Activities’ at each location as you go, which allows for more lengthy personal and independent travel plans.


With the innovative tendency towards hotel booking automation, prices provided by most European hotels are today ‘dynamic’, according to real-time booking demand for each particular location and hotel. For a local company based on our own local service as our prime capital, it is hard and expensive to keep up with this all. We can take in any specific hotel request and grant best market rates, but this will be via 24-48 h manual process. We can also price match hotels before you confirm, should you want us to deal with your package as a whole.  


If you would like to make an immediate hotel booking to safeguard your rates, this is also possible. We recently partnered with, through their online hotel booking solution for travel agents we can follow up on any bookings made by you through our Agent Link, matching your booked services from our website towards pick-up time at your specifically chosen hotels. 

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*The offer below is a special private offer provided for Brondesbury College London, by means of our delegate sales manager Nizam. The prices below have been calculated towards a minimum group size of 30 participants.


We are a legally constituted travel agency, in Andalusia, Spain, with license CIAN 186365-2. This license implies that we are duly qualified, authorised and insured to arrange travel packages of all sorts worldwide, though we specialise in incoming packages to Andalusia, Spain. We are also honoured in being the first local travel agency in Spain to address Muslim travel needs since 2007. Our home town being Granada, we are accredited Alhambra ticket distributors, the ‘Red Palace’ remaining from the Last Muslim Kingdom of Al-Andalus, UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the most visited attractions in Spain.

Our speciality lies in developing travel routes based on the Muslim Heritage of Al-Andalus, to be achieved at any standard or travel style. Our travel routes invite you to discover the historical centres of the main cities in Andalusia, the heart of al-Andalus, being planned in a chronological order according to Spain’s Islamic history, while taking into account leisure and even shopping!

Our service is the fruit of first and second generation local Spanish and European Muslim efforts to gain the benefit of meeting and assisting travellers of a worldwide origin. Al-Andalus Experience originally emerged partly after recognizing a lack of service in solving logistic problems for Muslim travelers in Spain. A great part of our team and collaborators are of Muslim faith and religion, hence we can appreciate the needs and interests of Muslim travelers.We are committed to honouring and communicating the legacy of Al-Andalus, providing a unique insight into the history and modern affairs of ‘Muslim Spain’.

Upholding and sharing the legacy of Al-Andalus. Discover our educational tours, workshops, and events.

Share a unique insight into Islamic heritage, Iberian tradition & roots. Discover the origin, rise and fall of Islam in Al-Andalus in full detail, as researched and accounted by modern, independent unbiased university researchers in Andalusia, Spain.

Travel in time to Al-Andalus & Iberia, staying within the Golden Age Cities of al-Andalus. Explore the history of Iberia from an early stage from its Medieval population and religious diversity until today.

As a foundational stone of Europe and the modern world, we should try to come close to Al-Andalus, learn more about it. We might find clues about our modern world, how to live in it better and avoid falling into the same mistakes.

Carefully planned travel routes, in a chronological order according to historical relevance, taking account for leisure and even shopping! Explore the history of Iberia from an early stage.

Community partnership, research, and local networking are at the heart of the Al-Andalus Experience project. We support local and Muslim businesses, cultural and educational organizations by utilizing their resources in all projects, whenever possible. Likewise, we are always open to networking and collaborating with different individuals, professionals, volunteers and organizations.

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