Join our 4 night, 5-day regular group tour, starting from Malaga.

A classic journey into the heart of al-Andalus, through the Golden Age Cities which are the most important historical capitals of Andalusia, their Islamic legacy as well as their provinces as we move through Cordoba, Seville and Granada. We will stay two nights in Cordoba, Caliphate Capital of Al-Andalus, one night in Seville and two nights in Granada, the Last Muslim Kingdom in Iberia.

We start this tour with a group meeting at Malaga International Airport, moving directly into a historical narration on our way to Cordoba, the Umayyad capital of Al-Andalus where we shall spend two nights. On our way to the former kingdom of Granada, the last Muslim state in Spain, we will have a daytime excursion into Seville. Once in Granada, we will spend most of the two days on touring the Alhambra and historical quarters of the city. The rest of the time gives you the option to relax and enjoy whilst shopping or preparing for any extra activities available for booking during the tour. Extra nighttime visits & walks or workshop programs are also possible.

Day by day Itinerary Schedule:





Visit Andalusia and Spain, by the hand of first and second generation Muslims in Andalusia. We deliver the best value group tours, routes & experiences, along with other travelers from a worldwide origin, or privately at your own pace and style.

 The mystery surrounding Islam’s introduction to Spain is one echoed by many historians. It is openly acknowledged that much of Al-Andalus’ history has been either hidden or re-written in the wake of the Spanish Inquisition. This lack of historical transparency continues to inspire researchers, historians, and local enthusiasts to investigate and reveal this particular rich yet ‘covered’ history.

 Al-Andalus Experience originally emerged partly to a lack of service that goes into solving logistic problems for Muslim travelers in Spain. A great part of our team and collaborators are of Muslim faith and religion, hence we appreciate the needs and interests of Muslim travelers. In spite of this, we would like to offer our tours, activities and excursions to an intercultural public, such as the one which originally inhabited al-Andalus. In this way we  fulfill our aim as a travel agency in securing a ‘Cultural Bridge’ throughout these enriching experiences in Spain.

Travel back into the times of Al-Andalus & Iberia and staying within the Golden Age Cities of al-Andalus. Carefully planned travel routes, in a chronological order according to historical relevance, taking account for leisure and even shopping! Our routes invite you to discover the historical centers of the main cities in the heart of Al-Andalus.