REGULAR Group Tours

by Al-Andalus Experience



Exclusive ‘City Guided Tours’ & Activities’ + Exclusive ‘Dining Meal Events’ in best value, private transportation, onboard local travel guide & assistant.

We have pre-booked hotels for each session so you needn’t worry about bookings, your own dates or connection choices.

An initial ‘courtesy driver service’ offered by our own team of local travel assistants, will provide vehicle upgrades to minibus and full sized comfort private bus to fit the final group size confirmed to any date.



You may cancel your ‘Scheduled Group Tour’ session free up to two weeks ahead, after that we must keep a pre-charged 25% deposit to cover for non-refundable items booked in advance.

Our ‘Sheduled Group Tours’ are confirmed with a minimum 3 travellers. We may cancel any tour provided group size minimum is not met 15 days ahead. of the arrival date. In this case we will provide alternative choices for you to continue privately at extra cost or independently, or a total refund, 


You may choose from our main Travel Plans to your preferred date from our agenda. ‘Regular Group Tour Deals’, or to your own dates privately. 

Our Travel Plans are composed by different ‘City Plans’. Feel free to take your group tour privately and at your own pace, meeting us in town ‘on-the-go’ towards our City Guided Tours, while also hopping onto any extra city plan from our independent tours section with a significant discount when booked as part of a multi-day plan.

This is a solid cultural and historical review of what was essentially the gateway to our developed world: Al-Andalus.  

 By signing up for our Promotion Group Tour Offers you will be obtaining our best value deals, inlcluding city hotels & transportation. Our own team of local guides will- lead, narrate and solve any logistics for the group from arrival to departure. We provide our own welcome tours at each location listed and access to the main UNESCO Heritage Sites listed in each plan. Upon reaching our home town Granada, we also include our Guided Group Tour of the Alhambra, which is one of the most visited sites in Europe! 

For each session to be confirmed we need only 3 participants to start, after that, everyone is welcome.  

If the trip is not confirmed 15 days ahead of arrival then we would suggest alternative offers to match your group size or produce a full refund to you. 

Group meals are offered as an extra option during the booking process, in order to provide flexiblity and choice to all.

 Our effort for over 10 years has been to establish ongoing regular group tours, where travellers of a different origin can interact during the tour while sharing the cost of our daytime service units; vehicles, guides, etc. In so we are enhancing a rich and diverse experience with travellers from multiple origins travelling as one. We  invite locals and travellers alike to understand our diverse origins and roots, as an exercise towards integration into todays world, discovering our own singularity within the chromatic roots and characters present within a shredded yet rich history.Following the latests ‘market tendencies’ we are now confirming with a 3 person minimum at net cost rates!  

We ourselves and our tour promotion partners will only gain our own fees in by growing our group sessions from the first 3 participants confirmed. We are ready to share a growing discount or fee per traveller that you send to participate on our ‘Promotion  Group Tours’ please check out our ‘Collaborations Page’.   

You may also wish to take an independent approach with our exclusive Custom Private Group Tour options or take an independent approach for your trip yet join our City Guided Tours or City Dining Events, as you go. 

Would you like to be guided through our main service options and have your travel plan sent to you by email including all of your choices? Do you need a custom travel route or service package built? We are here to help!

Do you need a custom travel plan or service package built? Do you want us to send you our best travel agent hotel rates for any custom travel route? 

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  • We will send you our best plan, offering you your personalised Travel Plan, Offers for you to choose from hereby modulating the costs and standards.
  • We will not let any specific standards go lower than your specific request, though we do meet your needs providing flexible service choices.
  • As you confirm, we will be expanding options and travel assets, to include all of your booking documents, vouchers, specific tour presentations, location highlights and more, on a day per day basis. Our service is backed up by a fully mobile ‘on-the-go’ version of your confirmed Travel Plan.
  • City Plans for you to consider connecting ahead or after our main tour, included per location in your plan, with our best discount applied for multi-day tour bookings.
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