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Discover the Secrets of Muslim Spain

A select guided and flexible choice for you into Andalusia, Spain & beyond!

From Iberia to Al-Andalus, 6 day tour starting from Madrid.

From Iberia to Al-Andalus, 6 day tour starting from Madrid.

A guided approach to the origin of Islam in Iberia, Al-Andalus. A story of unity vs division and dispersion, the Golden Age of Islam in Europe, it's height and downfall.

Discover Morocco, 5 day tour by Al-Andalus Experience, starting from Casablanca Airport (CMN)

Discover Morocco, 5 day tour by Al-Andalus Experience, starting from Casablanca Airport (CMN)

Explore Morocco’s Imperial history and most exotic traditions. The itinerary illustrated here is flexible from 4 to 11 days and over, by adding a City Escape to Marrakech ahead or our Merzouga-Ouarzazate route to the desert. Travelers willing to continue and ‘Discover the Secrets of Muslim Spain’, may connect from Tangier through to Spain an hour sea ferry ride.

Within the Heart of Al-Andalus, 5 day tour starting from Malaga.

Within the Heart of Al-Andalus, 5 day tour starting from Malaga.

A classic journey into the heart of al-Andalus. Witness the Golden Age Cities which are the most important historical capitals of Andalusia, their Islamic legacy as well as their provinces as we move through Cordoba, Seville, and Granada.

Discover Al-Andalus, a 4 day tour starting from Malaga

Discover Al-Andalus, a 4 day tour starting from Malaga

Join our Regular Promotion Tours, offering best Value Shared Group Tours, based on your own accommodation bookings. We shall be offering this tour on a monthly basis, twice a month, approximately during the first and last week of every month. You may connect other 'City Escapes' and 'Travel Service Options' and connections for extending this tour at your own pace and leisure, our offer has been designed with your choice specifically in mind.


Our exclusive ‘Travel Plans’ are multi-day tour packages offered in a new manner to provide a range of distinct new standards and choice, in daytime tour & logistics services, for you all to enjoy.

You will find a rich range of ‘Service Choice Options’ provided within each of our ‘Travel Plans’ listed below with full online booking possibilities. For custom travel routes or service packages, please use our ‘Need Help to Plan?’ menu or button links to our custom service travel plan form.

Having chosen your Travel Plan is only the start, we offer you a number of ways to carry this plan out, varying from fixed date options to free date selection as well as fully serviced and guided tours, to more independent, or hop-on as you go tour options.

Over the past years of great experiences, we have learned to cater to all travel styles and budgets, so that it is your choice that counts!

Frequently Asked Questions

For you to have a clear picture of your tour service choices that we provide within our ‘Travel Plans’ and how to go about extending these plans into your own custom trip,  present a quick reference guide to our service choices below. 

The answer is that this depends. By  «rule of thumb», whenever we offer a set date toward a multi-day tour, hotels will be included. However, when you are given a choice to select your own tour dates for any service, within our private tour options, the hotels will only be included manually a Custom Private Tour Service. We need to offer this one manually unless you find a session within the independent hotel offer section that matches your ‘Travel Plan’ and prefered tour dates.
Choices are given to plan any tour for any group size in our  Custom Private Tour form we will respond usually within 24-48 h with an initial detailed travel plan and quotation completely ready for you to confirm all bookings or make any convenient changes before booking.
Choices are given to plan any tour for any group size in our  Custom Private Tour form we, simply choose the ‘Courtesy Economy’ option available for groups under 6 total participants. We will respond usually within 24-48 h with an initial detailed travel plan and quotation completely ready for you to confirm all bookings or make any convenient changes before booking.
Yes, you may book any number of travellers into our ‘Regular Group Tours’ and thereby be joining onto a larger group to our own agenda. Once the group is confirmed at a minimum 15 participants, we are all set and can confirm. Private initiatives towards schedule tour dates are more than welcome, just send us a quick email and we will schedule a new tour onto our Regular Group Tour agenda with your group as the first registrants. In case of not meeting the minimum group size, we can always study alternative independent plans or a ‘Courtesy Economy Tour’ alternative option for registered participants to book instead.
Again this depends on ona number of factors. Mainly the final group size accessing any service will normally determine the overall cost of a series of shared elements provided towards a service performance. Also even towards services consumed per person such as meals or hotel rooms, we obtain group rates from a group size of 20 upwards, negotiable down to 15 hence our minimum Regular Group Tour offer minimum group size.  If you are less than 15 persons this will always be your best offer. However if this does not line up to your chosen dates, we offer a ‘Courtesy Economy’ tour option by which the cost of overal group services is optimized for a private familiar experience. However looking purely at pocket economy it is cheaper to take an independent approach, only including hotels and optional extra services. From here you may also join our Guided City Tours and Activities, but they are not included into your bookings from start, only our best hotels & extra booking vouchers instructions! Anything else to consider? Breakfast! We usually include it in all options as extra value, since we know it is easy to simply  book hotels elsewhere online.
Our ‘Price Includes’ work on a per section basis, meaning by section our main catalogue sections, we call our «Travel Plan Offer Choices», these being:

a) Join a Regular Group Tour where we can say that everything that is listed is included, so to sum up we include: our own specialist tour  travel guides from arrival to departure, assisting all the way;  hotels with breakfast provided, group meal options also provided, UNESCO Heritage Guided Tours & Tickets provided where mentioned in each of our Travel Plans,  transportation by private bus with dedicated driver 12/24 h a day, from arrival to departure, mainly destined to the intercity itineraries on our routes. Smiles all along and under any weather.

b)Private Tours will be given the same standards as above, and a choice of the services to be included, we are flexible about where you book your hotels since our speciality is dealing with ground services.

c) Independent Tour Package: Here we are talking about a basic Travel Plan with the main bookings covered, we start our with a hotel only with breakfast included, and then provide options to build up the service through guides, transportation and meals options which are not included unless you choose so. 

d) City Guided Tours & Activities: Here we are talking about a specific tour within a location at a given time and date. You will receive a participant voucher after your booking is confirmed and this will cover you on a per-activity basis. Our tours and activities usually have a duration of 2-3 hours up to 4-5 h depending on each activity the duration is listed. 

Package Offers except for from our Regular Group Tour section, and especially towards independent Travel Plan offers, may sometimes include bookings from different sections and hereby include elements from the above sections sparingly on a per schedule and activity basis, meeting the itinerary described in any given package offer we issue.



Indeed we do, these packages are highlighted through our City Escapes section and can be combined to plan your own independent multi-day, multi-city travel plan. Extra Optional Service Choices are given through our online booking process or you can also write to us to and we will add any items to your existing order taking it to any level 
 We collaborate regularly with a growing number of travel agents and tour operators worldwide, providing their own best blend of package tours & rates we help them guarantee standards & a sound service throughout. If you would like to contact a collaborator who is closer to you please ask us via email to and we will be happy to give you a provider closer to your location.

If we don’t have a collaborator near you, we are working on it. Our current offer allows integration into any third party travel agent booking system.


We have a specific agenda in our main cities. These are those listed in UNESCO heritage sites of our main ‘Regular Group Tour’ itinearies. Herefore our city agenda includes so far Toledo, Cordoba, Granada and Seville, as well as the offer included in our main arrival and departure cities: Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon, where we are still operating remotely through local partners & collaborators.

Our tours are suitable for all ages, though considerable walking distances are a second nature to Spain and this is also seen in our cities. Suitable footwear, walking or adequate carry or moving gear will be sufficient for most. 

About discounts, there are discounts available up to age 12-14 in most monuments, hotels provide discount to a third bed in a double room shared by two adults and we ourselves do not speculate with our prices but try to integrate all participants in best manner so we have provided a 50%  discount to our part of the service for children aged 5-14  when booking along with two adults  fact, under this age we do our best to go by free. Listed children price details are available in all of our offers online or via our Custom Tour Service  form, if they are  not listed please enquire to

There is a meeting point or a symbolic starting place established and documented towards every one of our tours, service or events offer. Whether this be main arrival ports or city locations depend on the type of service, but don’t worry so far, we will make sure you know where to conveniently meet up to start our tour, and you will also receive the full timed itinerary with the locations we are at every day, in case you want to join us on the go!
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Do you need a custom travel plan or service package built? 


  • We present a step by step guided form as you scroll down below these lines, to plan, offering you your personalised Travel Plan, holding distinct Service Choice Offers for you to choose from.
  • We now offer you a brand new Travel Plan mobile application when stating our any Travel Plan with us.
  • As you confirm, we will be expanding options and travel assets, to include all of your booking documents, vouchers, specific tour presentations, location highlights and more, on a day per day basis.
  • City Plans for you to consider including per location in your plan.
  • You may also simply send us an email to


Below you will find a step by step form for us to plan any tour city by city, night by night. Our response time is usually 24-48h for an all inclusive offer, ready to confirm. Please be our guest!


We have a training program for you to start working on asap coming into perfect sync with our team. globally.