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DISCOVER AL-ANDALUS: Independent tour
A 5 night self driven or train tour, starting outfrom Malaga.
Islamic heritage site tours with our best UNESCO Guides.

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This is a 5-night self-driven or train independent tour, starting out in Malaga, the capital of modern Spain. Discover the most important historical capitals of Al-Andalus, their Islamic legacy, monuments and their provinces. Discover Cordoba the Ummayad capital of Al-Andalus and Granada, the Last Muslim Kingdom of Al-Andalus.


Day 1. Malaga Arrival, taxi welcome and direct AVE High Speed train to Cordoba.

AGP → taxi airport welcome to train station connecting to Ave Fast Train from Malaga to Cordoba. Taxi and check-in to your hotel in Cordoba's town center. Later a leisurely walk through the Medina al-Qadima of Cordoba, our first welcome dinner (optional) and finally an evening rest in Cordoba.

Day 2: Cordoba, Capital of Umayyad al-Andalus.

In the morning you will have your guided visit of the Umayyad Mosque of Cordoba, one of the oldest structures still standing when Muslims ruled Al-Andalus in the late 8th century. After this we would usually continue to Medinat Al-Zahra, the Caliph's court city palace's archeological site, research & exhibition center. After lunch; free time is given for any extra activities, rest, or shopping! Besides a lively town center and many shops, there are today’s three active mosques in Cordoba worth visiting. This could be an opportunity to meet some local Muslims while touring around town.


Day 4: Granada, the last Muslim Kingdom of Al-Andalus.

TRAIN SEV-GR DIRECT In the morning we will be moving by train again into the former Kingdom Garn'atta, last main capital of Al-Andalus. Upon arrival to Granada, after due rest, we suggest you visit the Albayzin Mosque at the Mirador de San Nicolas, most famous viewing point of Granada and the Alhambra. We move on downhill by foot through the old medina of Garnatta, noting it's main areas, divisions, and city walls, after a lunch break, you can walk down to the town center, visit the 'souq' streets, and the area's most historical points.

Day 5: Alhambra Palatial City Tour. Leisurely evening in Granada.

On this day we finally enjoy the guided visit to the Alhambra palatial town, including the Nashrid Palaces, Alkasaba fortress, Generalife summer palace & gardens, and the old medina of the Alhambra. Afterwards, you will have the afternoon free to make your own plans for shopping or extra optional activities in Granada. You may enjoy free time in the modern town which is a fusion of Souq markets, old alleyways, riverside and the active modern city appeals.


Bus from Granada to Malaga airport. Program on our final morning in Granada will depend upon your flight departure time. Departure is scheduled from Malaga International Airport.

*Note: Please seek our advice upon extension plans, optional leisure activities, visits or available excursions to add on to this tour.


Further Details

A classic journey into the heart of al-Andalus, through the Golden Age Cities which are the most important historical capitals of Andalusia, their Islamic legacy as well as their provinces as we move through Cordoba, Seville, and Granada. Extension arrangements and connections to other cities are available during the booking process.


Private Package Standards

Our ‘Private Tour’ offer is initially towards an independent travel experience including general planning & advice, accommodation at the selected standards, tickets to the main highlight monuments listed in the itinerary; we provide options for meals, city and monument tours, transport and travel assistant guides from our organization. Please read on, below you will find the bookings & info form.

Accommodation choices and standards are listed in each individual offer, from hostels or tourist apartments to 5-star hotels, confirmed during the booking process.

Our standard price is offered per person sharing one double room at the standard selected with one person from your group; triple rooms receive a small discount yet cannot always be guaranteed. Single room upgrades are offered as a supplement upon the double room rate, according to the accommodation standard and type.

Meal bookings are NOT included but can be arranged at our favorite selection of Local Halal Restaurants, you will be able to choose your favorite establishment throughout your time in town. If you do want any meals to be booked, please tell us during the booking process.

The monuments included are listed in each package. We usually include the main Islamic Heritage Sites at each city, by the hand of our favorite Official UNESCO World Heritage Guide at each Monument. We also have a selection of museums or expositions of a particular interest to the historical narration and understanding of each town, which you may visit in your free time.

Our ‘Tour Manager’ travel assistant guides are NOT included in our private tours unless chosen specifically within the booking confirmation process. You may like to hire a Local Travel Assisting Guide/Local Muslim Guide from our crew to assist you along with the tour. Again these choices will be an option provided throughout the booking process after you request information on any of our tours or holiday escape packages.

Transport & guidance options are offered during the booking process, to make sure you book the adequate service to your own desired standard.

The minimum group size in our private and independent packages start from 1 traveler and over, but will be specified in the ‘Price Terms’ of each offer according to the services included.

We offer custom group or private tours, allowing you to choose from the services and standards required towards your trip, from planning & booking to transport, tour conducting and ground services to any chosen standard.

We quote to any standard and group size you request. Please contact us via the form provided below with your requirements.

As a licensed travel agency, we can also offer competitive flight bookings, with ease at best rates. We do not include travel insurance by default, but can also offer it as an optional extra.


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