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A 14 nights, journey in time through the Exotic and Imperial Morocco
to the Golden Age Cities of Al-Andalus & current capitals of Spain

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A journey through the Exotic and Imperial Morocco to the Golden Age Cities of Al-Andalus & current capitals of Spain. We start South in Marrakesh and advance upwards through Fes, Mekness and Rabat, connecting to Spain through Tangier. In Spain perform our regular introduction to the most important historical capitals of Al-Andalus; Cordoba, Seville, Granada, Toledo and a leisurely introduction in Madrid, capital of modern Spain.

Day 1. Arrival at Casablanca

International arrival are scheduled at Casablanca Airport, however, we will spend very long here. We will visit the mosque of Hassan II, enjoy a brief walk and snacks, then head out to Rabat, where we will spend the night.

Day 2. Rabat to Marrakesh

During our morning in Rabat, present-day capital of Morocco, we will visit the Palace of Hassan II, King’s Mausoleum and the old fortress towns, Udaya and Chella. Afterwards, enjoy snacks and a nice walk before transferring to Marrakesh where we will spend the night.

Day 3. Marrakesh.

Visit the gardens of Menara in the morning and continue to the Medina to visit main mosques & shrines in the city, including that of Imam Jazuli. Those willing will stay in the souq area shopping or visiting the near about sites and shrines of the Medina by foot, micro taxi or bus.

Day 4. Marrakesh and transfer to Fes.

In Marrakesh we have a choice, to enjoy it's rich medina and souq, with several themes. One of the most popular visits would be to commemorate the “7 Saints of the Medina of Marrakech” Sidi Bel Abbés Sebti, Sidi Youssef Ben Ali; Sidi es Soheili; Qadi Ayad; Sidi Bel Abbes; Sidi Abd el Aziz and Moul el Ksour.

Day 5. FES.

Tour of the main mosques and shrines in the medina of Fes, including the Qarawiyyin Mosque. Shrine Mosque of Mulay Idriss II, founder of Fes, son of the Mulay Idris I and founder of Islam in Morocco. Visit to the Shrine Mosque of Sidi Ahmad Tidjani of the Qadiri Islamic Tradition and a final casual afternoon including shopping in the souq.

Day 6. Fes transfer to Meknes and then continue on to Tangier.

This morning we will continue to Meknes, where our travelers will receive a guided visit and then we will continue into Tangier. We will visit the Medina of Tangier. Free time will be given for shopping and rest. We will conclude the day with one night stay in Tangier.

Day 7. Departure from Tangier through ferry. Arrival in Tarifa by sea and then transfer to Cordoba.

In the morning we will depart from Tangier using the ferry from Morocco. We will arrive in Tarifa through sea and take the Tariq’s route from Gibraltar to Cordoba. After a brief presentation of the city, we will take a night walk around Cordoba's Mosque/Cathedral. You can spend your free evening in Cordoba at a traditional, courtyard tea salon.

Day 8. Córdoba- City Of The Ummayad, Emirs & Caliphs.

In the morning we shall have a guided visit in the medina al-Qadima of Cordoba. This includes the Umayyad Mosque of Cordoba, Alkasr Royal Palaces, Jewish quarters, old city walls, Live Museum of Al-Andalus and an opportunity to see the Andalusian courtyard homes, streets and alleys.

Before lunch, we will head to Medinat Al-Zahra, the Caliph's court city and, now, palace ruins, the museum and expositions.

After lunch; free time is given for any extra activities, rest, or shopping! As well as a lively town center and many shops, there are three active mosques in Cordoba today worth visiting, a marvelous opportunity to meet some local Muslims while touring around town.

Day 9: Seville, from rival kingdom to capital of Andalusia today.

This morning we continue down the Guadalquivir river, towards Seville (150 km). We will arrive in Seville and have guided visits in Seville's historical center including the Alkasr Royal Palaces & Gardens, Cathedral of Seville, modern Giralda, Torre del Oro, Jewish quarters, the old medina and city walls, Parque de Maria Luisa, Plaza de España, and the remains of the Almohad courtyard and minaret.

After the visits, free evening for walks and rides in Seville's historical center and riverside.

Day 10: Mountain route into Granada through Ronda.

On the way to Granada we will stop in order to visit the city of Ronda in the Mountains, north of Málaga. Here, we will learn about the different historical periods of Muslim Spain. Our tour takes us through the streets and alleyways of the old medina, with various stops, expositions, through secret tunnels and the Hammam of Ronda.

After lunch we will be moving into the former Kingdom of Garn'atta, during the Muslim period of Al-Andalus.

Day 11: Granada, the last Muslim Kingdom of Al-Andalus. Tour of the Alhambra court city, palaces and gardens.

Today is when we finally enjoy the guided visit to the Alhambra palatial town, including the Nashrid Palaces, Alkasaba fortress, Generalife summer palace & gardens, and the old medina of the Alhambra. Afterwards, we move on to visit the old medina of Garnatta and it's main areas, divisions, and city walls. We will visit the Albayzin Mosque at the Mirador de San Nicolas, most famous viewing point of Granada and the Alhambra. After a lunch break, we walk down to the city center, visit the 'souq' streets, and the area's most historical points. After due resting, you will have the afternoon free to make your own plans for shopping or extra optional activities available in Granada. You may enjoy free time in the modern town which is a fusion of Souq markets, old alleyways, riverside & amp; the active modern city appeals.

Day 12: Excursion to Alpujarra, land of 'Moriscos' & leisurely afternoon for optional activities in Granada.

We will spend the day by visiting the Alpujarra region of Granada. There we may explore the ingenious irrigation systems left behind by the Moriscos, the last muslims in Spain. There will Olive tree crops, vegetable and animal farms open for visiting as well as the availability of horse riding or mountain adventure services. After a lunch break, we return to Granada, visit the 'souq' streets, and the area's most historical points. After a moment of rest, you will have the evening free to make your own plans for shopping or extra optional activities available in Granada. You may enjoy free time in the modern town which is a fusion of Souq markets, old alleyways, riverside & amp; the active modern city appeals.

Day 13: From Granada to Toledo along the Route of 'Don Quixote' and further to Madrid, capital of Modern Spain.

This route, which we call the route of 'Don Quixote' will take us through La Mancha's unique landscapes, back in time to the ancient Iberian capital. Reaching Toledo by midday, we will still have time for lunch and to take a walking tour through it's ancient town, one of the oldest settlements in Iberia, surrounded by the River Tajo on a dramatic fortified emplacement. From Toledo we reach Madrid in just under one hour, so once there, some free time before dinner will complete our program for the day.

Day 14: Introduction to Madrid, modern capital of Spain.

During our first morning in Madrid we intend to have a panoramic of the city by bus, which includes views and short walks through Plaza de España to the Royal Palace 'de Oriente', short souvenir stop at Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas and a final coffee stop at the Santiago Bernabeu Cafe with views into the stadium. The afternoon is left free of program for you to take your own leisurely plan. If there is time available, visit Las Rozas Outlet Factory and Village, or popular commercial malls in Madrid. Departure is scheduled the next day from Madrid Barajas International Airport.

Day 15: Departure from Madrid Barajas International Airport.

Our last morning in Madrid will be reserved entirely for shopping. First we will visit Las Rozas Outlet Factory and Village, a popular commercial option in Madrid. After about two or three hours here we shall return to Madrid, allowing us to choose from the most popular shopping areas within the capital of Spain: Gran Vía, Serrano, both will hold plenty of window shops and stores. The program from this point is completely free, for each to make the most of our time in Spain. Early departures should arrange conveniently with our admin office in order to optimize the program to your best fit.


Further details

The itinerary illustrated here is flexible from 4 to 11 days and more. Towards our scheduled groups we have planned to start South in Marrakesh and then advance upwards through our itinerary planned over 5 nights to conclude at Tangier, the closest point to Spain. This will allow travelers willing to continue and ‘Discover the Secrets of Muslim Spain’, by connecting to Tarifa through an hour Sea ferry ride from Tangier. Those not traveling to Spain will continue to Casablanca or Tangier airport for departure after 5 nights.

  • Please seek our advice upon extension plans, early departures or late arrivals, optional activities, visits or available excursions to add on to this tour.



Tour Standards

Our default accommodation choice is at a 3-4 stars hotel, with breakfast included unless stated otherwise within the ‘Price Terms’ of each offer. We can usually confirm the whole circuit with a 4 stars hotel if the group is booked early. Tour prices are stated per person, sharing a double room or a single room upgrade is also available.

We recommend you to have at least one meal per day organized as a group, to make sure you obtain a good value and add to the group experience. These options are given during the booking process, we offer group meals at local Muslim restaurants (Halal).

Our ‘Group Tours’ are managed by one or more of our local Muslim guides, who will welcome at arrival meeting point (airport, port) and continue with the group until departure. Added to this general tour conductor, we include Official Guides towards the UNESCO Heritage Monument tours.

Transportation between cities is included by private bus, within modern vehicles with A/C and in good condition.

Monuments included as per itinerary above. The touristic visit of the mosque of Hassan II in Casablanca has been included, all other monuments and mosques listed do not require any extra ticket cost. *Official UNESCO World Heritage Guides included.

Due to reasons beyond our own control, we may have to change itinerary program according to the dates of travel, opening hours and other elements, to another time/day than those listed.

The optimum ‘Group Tour’ value is obtained towards groups with 20 travelers or over. However, we quote to any standard and group size you request. The schedule is intended as a flexible introduction to Al-Andalus. Group or private connections can be made to Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon and the tour could also continue south into Morocco. Please contact us via the form provided below, you may also search our ‘Private Tour’ section for independent travel packages and dedicated private services.

Intended arrival & departure destination is Casablanca International Airport [Airport code: CMN]; Marrakech International Aiport [Airport code: RAK]; Tangier Sea Port (connecting to of from Spain); other connections available upon request. We include flight bookings upon request.

We also offer travel insurance upon request, we do not usually include it by default.

All items and the final program, standards and price will be confirmed during the booking process.



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