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Your key to Malaga, private, VIP assistance services & more upon demand.

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Discover Malaga, the capital of the province, and famous for it’s long and sunny coast, “Costa del Sol”. Malaga dates back to the Phoenicians, being a seaside port city and key location to many civilisations since. Containing important artefacts of a high Roman Civilisation, during the Muslim period in Spain, Malaga would become an important bastion to the Emirs and Caliphs of Al-Andalus, from the Ummayads to the Nazari Dynasties. Malaga still holds a fortress Alcazaba and a small palace Alkasr below which are both still optional for visits. Moreover, we may enjoy the seaside and port. Not to mention it’s province, inhabited by coastal fortress towns and villages that travel from the seafront through the mountains. Malaga’s port was a crucial access towards the naval defence system from the time of the Ummayad and after. The port is also known for its importance in merchandising and communication. Malaga was also a witness to the divisions within the Muslim states, mainly within the Nazari dynasty of Granada, right until The Catholic-Christian alliance took over in 1487, only a few years before Granada itself.

Day 1: Arrival day.

On your first day in Malaga after checking into your hotel, we suggest you take a walk to familiarise with the 'Marina' or port area, where you will find a pleasant walk and views upon the Mediterranean sea as well as the city center. This will provide you with a first introduction to the city and set the mood for a relaxed, yet lively experience. You will be near enough to walk into the pedestrian area and historical centre, by the Cathedral along to the Roman Amphitheatre, from where you will access the Alkasr and Alkasba the next morning. these locations are close the modern centre with its many shops and Halal culinary places to enjoy.

Day 2: Alkasr, Alkasbah & other sites within the city center.

On your first morning in Malaga, we encourage you to visit the main historical sites, namely the Alkasba and the Alkasr of Malaga, these were the Royal Palaces belonging to the expelled Nashrid oppositional Sultans. You may also walk past the Roman amphitheatre below the Alkasr, before choosing a nearby lunch location. It is advisable to take a rest during the midday heat in Spain, especially in the summertime. The afternoons can be dedicated to exploring the old town centre & shopping areas before dinner in town. Night walks and further options can be provided at the time of your booking.

The rest of your day in town is intended as a leisurely day, for shopping in town, for explorations in the city's museums or any other activity you choose to enjoy during your time in town. You may enjoy a visit to the nearby Cathedral of Malaga and also to Pablo Picasso's Museum. Our independent tour package will usually include the hop-on-hop-off bus tour of the city so that you can enjoy the main city sites as well as those mentioned in the itinerary unless you have arranged transportation otherwise.

Day 3: Departure, extensions & further city connection options

Departure transfer options are available from the initial booking stage, as well as further city connection options for you to combine with different modules. For example stay longer at Malaga, continue into Cordoba, Granada, Madrid & Toledo or Barcelona, with the chosen transportation options.


Further details

Our escapes can be treated as travel modules that can be extended and connected with each other. We invite you to travel leisurely through Madrid, Toledo, Cordoba, Seville, Granada, Malaga, Madrid and Barcelona. With our full support and advice from the booking stage until departure, including the  planning of your flight arrival and departure, high-speed trains, road transport and private services you can form your own independent tour experience.




Private Package Standards

Our ‘Private Tour’ offer is initially towards an independent travel experience, including general planning & advice, accommodation at the selected standards, tickets to the main highlight monuments listed in the itinerary; we provide options for meals, city and monument tours, transport and travel assistant guides from our organisation. Please read on, below you will find the bookings & info form.

Accommodation choices and standards are listed in each individual offer, from hostels or tourist apartments to 5 star hotels, confirmed during the booking process.

Our standard price is offered per person sharing one double room at the standard selected with one person from your group; triple rooms receive a small discount yet cannot always be guaranteed. Single room upgrades are offered as a supplement upon the double room rate, according to the accommodation standard and type.

Meal bookings are NOT included, though can be arranged at our favourite selection of Local Halal Restaurants, you will be able to choose your favourite establishment throughout your time in town. If you don’t want any meals to be booked, please tell us during the booking process.

The monuments included are listed in each package. We usually include the main Islamic Heritage Sites at each city, plus a series of museums or expositions of a particular interest to the historical narration and understanding of each town.

Our Guides are NOT included in our private tours unless chosen specifically within the booking confirmation process.

We have two distinct types of guides. You may like to hire a Local Travel Assisting Guide/Local Muslim Guide from our crew to assist you along with the tour. Official UNESCO World Heritage Guide for a detailed Monument Tour. Again these choices will be an option provided throughout the booking process after you request information on any of our tours or holiday escape packages.

Transport & guidance options are offered during the booking process, to make sure you book the adequate service to your own desired standard.

The minimum group size in our private and independent packages start from 1 traveller and over, but will be specified in the ‘Price Terms’ of each offer according to the services included.

We offer custom group or private tours, allowing you to choose from the services and standards required towards your trip, from planning & booking to transport, tour conducting and ground services to any chosen standard.

We quote to any standard and group size you request. Please contact us via the form provided below with your requirements.

As a licensed travel agency, we can also offer competitive flight bookings, with ease at best rates. We do not include travel insurance by default, but can also offer it as an optional extra.

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