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From Iberia to

discover the secrets of Muslim Spain

Starting at Madrid, the capital of modern Spain, we will be moving straight into our historical narration by staying at Toledo, Medieval capital of Iberia, ‘mosaic’ and ‘bridge’ between the three main cultures & religious traditions in Al-Andalus. After Toledo, we move south along the ‘Route of Don Quixote’, through Castilla La Mancha, to Andalusia while receiving an introductory summary of the history of Iberia, its origins, population cultural and religious diversity.

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6 Days, 5 Nights


->MAD; 1n-tol; 1n-co; 2n-gr ; 1n-MAD; MAD->


select 3-4* city centre hotels



5 Nights Starting From Madrid

A guided approach to the origin of Islam in Iberia: Al-Andalus. A story of unity vs division and dispersion, the Golden Age of Islam in Europe, it’s height and downfall. 

This schedule is intended as a flexible introduction to Al-Andalus & Iberia; the route can be extended by our extra ‘City Escapes’ to Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, Lisbon or Morocco, before or after the main group tour. 

Independent or guided leisurely extension arrangements and connections to other cities are available upon request to our bookings & administration team.


  • Day 1

Meetup at Madrid & Transfer to Toledo, the Ancient Capital of Castille


Airport welcome & introduction to Madrid, the current capital of Spain. On our way through the capital, Madrid, we will have a city panoramic, including views to the Royal Palace, souvenir stop at Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, coffee stop at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

After our introduction through Madrid, the capital of Spain, we start travelling South to Toledo, Capital of Visigothic Kingdom in Iberia (pre-Muslim Spain). Welcome to the ‘medina’ or ancient town of Toledo, we explore the medina of ‘Tolaytula’ from within and indulge in some first shopping around the ‘souq’ streets before dinner within the medina. Our first night is to be spent at Toledo, since we can stay at Madrid any time ahead or after, we start in this way our journey into history.

  • Day 2

The Umayyad Capital of Al-Andalus


After Toledo, we move south along the ‘Route of Don Quixote’, through Castilla La Mancha, to Andalusia while receiving an introductory summary of the history of Iberia, its origins, population and religious diversity, in Christian Spain before. As we move into Andalusia, we will also be shifting in time, to Al-Andalus. The tour will also present the deeper roots of Iberian tradition -Morisco and the Moorish fusion into our modern time through the very words of reading our Spanish top literature master Miguel de Cervantes.

As we move into Andalusia, we will also be shifting in time, to Al-Andalus. The tour will present ancient roots of Iberian tradition as well as a unique Muslim-Moorish-Morisco cultural revolution and infusion into today’s Spain. This is a great context to visit our more global, modern cities ahead or after our group tour.

  • Day 3

From Cordoba to Granada, The Last Muslim Kingdom of Al-Andalus

  • cordoba - GRANADA

In the morning we shall have our guided visit of the Umayyad Mosque of Cordoba, one of the oldest structures still standing from the time Muslims ruled Al-Andalus in the late 8th century. After, we continue to Madinat Al-Zahra, the Caliph’s court city palace’s archaeological site; research & exhibition centre.


After lunch, we will continue to Granada for an active program there, the next day. The route from Córdoba to Granada contains views of many castles, towers, ‘zagras‘, white villages, whereby we can vividly recreate the historical vision of this whole period, the last Muslim lands of Al-Andalus, into the former Kingdom of Garn’atta, today’s Granada. We will be cruising along what was formerly for around 250 years border between the Muslim Kingdom of Granada and the four Spanish Christian Kingdoms, after their conquest of Cordoba. A quick stop along the way will allow travellers to gain some knowledge about the Olive Oil industry, enabling us also to purchase olive oil & traditional rural products, in best quality and price.

Mihrab of the Umayyad Mosque in Cordoba
  • Day 4

Granda: The Last Muslim Kingdom of Al-Andalus


Guided visit to the Alhambra palatial town, including the Nasrid Palaces, Alkasaba fortress, Generalife summer palace & gardens, and the old medina of the Alhambra. Afterwards, we move on to visit the old medina of «Garnata» and it’s main areas, divisions, and city walls. We will visit the Albayzin Mosque, next to the Mirador de San Nicolás, most famous viewing point of Granada, beauty views to the Alhambra.


After a lunch break, we walk down to the town centre, visit the ‘souq’ streets, and the area’s most historical points. After due resting, you will have the afternoon free to make your own plans for shopping or extra optional activities available in Granada. You may enjoy free time in the modern town which is a fusion of Souq markets, old alleyways, river side & the active modern city appeals.

  • Day 5

Excursion to the Alpujarra region in Granada Province

  • Granada - departure & extension plans

We will visit the last muslim territory of Al Andalus, after the Chrisitan Kings have given to Jews and Muslims the last oportunity to convert to Christianity or go in exile.

  • Day 6

Departure & Tour Extensions Options.

  • Granada - departure & extension plans
Departure Plans


We recommend if you are leaving today to book a late evening flight home from Málaga International Airport. Jumuah in Granada is a lively experience, the Albayzín Mosque at Mirador de San Nicolás watches overviews of Granada city,the Alhambra and the snowy topped Sierra Nevada Mountain Ranges behind. The program from here will depend on your departure arrangements as well as any optional tour extensions chosen at the time of your booking.


  • Arrival airport transfer from Madrid airports.
  • 4 nights hotel in Spain
  • 4 breakfasts, 8 optional meals
  • Panoramic Bus Tour of Madrid
  • Guided City Walking Tours
  • Guided Alhambra Palace Complete Tour
  • Guided City Introductory Tour of: Madrid, Cordoba, Granada.
  • Professional English speaking guide
  • Transportation in a fully air-conditioned, modern coach
  • All entrance fees to all museums mentioned in the itinerary


12 h/day available transport, averaging 200km/day with dedicated or courtesy driver and vehicle size according to group needs. Our main local travel assisting guide will provide relevant narration during all of your transfers, specifically when connecting the different Golden Age Cities of Al-Andalus.


Our Local Travel Assistants will show you around the nicest walks and places of each town or city, some of our favourite entertainment options as well as walk you to or through the Historical Monuments and sites.

unesco heritage site tours, & more

Professional Tour Guides are useed for our group tours, they can give you an in depth historical vision of Al-Andalus, and are rather more expensive to hire then a Local Travel Assistant, listed above. We recommend you choose this option to get an in depth Cultural and Historical view of Al-Andalus, and specially for larger group visits.


Our choice of hotels is based upon best value and location, except when we find a hotel with adapts further than average to the particular needs of Muslim travellers, in which case we choose it above others.


All of our services are Halal in nature and we take special care about food in order that you may comfortably feel at home during your trip, by arranging group lunches and dinners throughout. You may opt in to these throughout the booking process, providing one dinner per day or lunch and dinner per day in best value and flavour!

private or independent tour extensions & tour alternatives

Independent or guided leisurely extension arrangements and connections to other cities are available upon request to our bookings & administration team.

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We enjoy sharing a unique vision as locals of our Islamic heritage, taking us beyond our own time into the Islamic Golden Age of Al-Andalus, a time of a cultural fusion & the revolution that triggered European and human development as we know it today.


Expert planning & insight is infused throughout our standard offer from the point when you contact us until arrival and throughout until departure making your trip booking & logistics easy throughout and your experience memorably unique.


We support you from the planning stage through to performance offering you alternative solutions with scaling cost options for each of the elements which define your journey and experience. 

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