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Should you require immediate confirmation of your trip prices and all accommodation bookings secured at once, we recommend selecting "No Hotels" from our Travel Plan Quotation from to the right of the page, and booking your hotels through our Travel Agent Partner Site link or search boxes below, for us to follow up with your bookings from our Travel Agent Partner Site's admin pannel.

You will love our brand new Travel Plan Itinerary App that we offer through any confirmed choice you make, our personal arrival to departure guide service is not crucial yet very recommended. Ahead of your trip we will add your confirmed Travel Plan locations and activities to our itinerary privately for you to access online or even offline on your cellphone from pre-arrival to departure.


If you prefer planning your trip based on locations and activities, please contact us for a discount code to all our City Plans for you to book and hop-onto at our best group value.

The choice on how you "Discover Al-Andalus", is yours.


*If you require immediate hotel confirmation, please select "No hotels." and then below you can use our Travel Agent Partner Site search boxes to confirm your hotels and get the bookings confirmed on the go. We can otherwise confirm our own services which have fixed cost to any dates.

*Since we now provide our Travel Plan app itinerary to your cellphone with GPS references and descriptive texts all along, the personal guide is not fully necessary but is fully recommended!



If you would like to make an immediate hotel booking to safeguard your rates, this is also possible. We recently partnered with, through their online hotel booking solution for travel agents we can follow up on any bookings made by you through our Agent Link, matching your booked services from our website towards pick-up time at your specifically chosen hotels. 

You may also use our search boxes below to open a new window and book your hotels in this same session, while we work on confirming your service options alone.


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