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A guided approach to the origin of Islam in Iberia: Al-Andalus. A story of unity vs division and dispersion, the Golden Age of Islam in Europe, its height and downfall.

We will be moving through the most picturesque Spanish landscapes, while following the River Guadalquivir (al-Wad al-Kabir) South into Seville, or the mountain ranges which crown the prior, the last Muslim Kingdom of Al-Andalus, holding the Alhambra as the highlight of lost heaven. Once in Granada, after touring the Alhambra and historical quarters of the city, we will be able to relax and enjoy whilst shop or preparing for any extra activities available for booking during the tour, extra nighttime visits & walks or workshop programs.

DAY 1:

Day 1: Arrival and Introduction at Madrid: From Islamic medina to modern capital of Spain.

We start out this tour at Madrid, the capital of modern Spain, moving straight into our historical narration by staying the first night at Toledo, Medieval capital of Iberia, ‘mosaic’ and ‘bridge’ between the three main cultures & religious traditions in Al-Andalus. After that e start travelling South from Toledo, the capital of the Visigothic Kingdom in Iberia (pre-Muslim Spain).  The tour will also present the deeper roots of Iberian tradition and the Moorish-Morris fusion into our modern time through the very words of reading our Spanish top literature master Miguel de Cervantes.

DAY 2:

Day 2: From Toledo to Córdoba, Capital of the Umayyads

This morning we will take our romantic looks at the city of Toledo, capital of former Castille, a flagstone in Spanish history and culture. Then we continue further south along the ‘Route of Don Quixote’, through Castilla La Mancha to Andalusia to reach Córdoba, the Umayyad Capital of Al-Andalus. As we move into Andalusia, we will also be shifting in time, to Al-Andalus. The trip is an introductory summary with unique insights into the history of Iberia, Spain and Al-Andalus, Muslim Spain.


Toledo provides a context for a vast historical narrative, so as we travel South we aim to connect the dots and explore freely the origin and history of Al-Andalus. To do this we will learn about the context where Al-Andalus emerges, land distribution, political arrangements and affairs, main Kingdoms and players present, the population and religious diversity present during the roman and Visigoth rule of Iberia up until the arrival of Musa Bin Nussayr to Toledo.

DAY 3:

The route from Cordoba to Granada views many castles, towers, ‘zagras’, white villages, where we can recreate a vivid historical vision of this whole period, the last Muslim lands of Al-Andalus, into the former Kingdom of ‘Garnata’. We will be cruising along with sites that used to be a 250 years border between the Muslim Kingdom of Granada and the four Spanish Christian Kingdoms, after their conquest of Cordoba. A quick stop along the way will allow travellers to gain some knowledge about the Olive Oil industry, enabling us also to purchase olive oil & traditional rural products, with the best quality and price.
Our first stop in Granada is usually a walk into the Albaycin to reach San Nicolas square, where we shall find the Mosque to pray at ‘Mezquita Mayor de Granada’. We will have dinner nearby the mosque and later check into our hotel in the city centre. Welcome to our hometown Granada!

DAY 4:

Day 4: Granada, the last Muslim Kingdom of Al-Andalus. Plan of the Alhambra court city, palaces and gardens.

On this day we finally enjoy the guided visit to the Alhambra palatial town, including the Nasrid Palaces, Alcazaba fortress, Generalife summer palace & gardens, and the old medina of the Alhambra. Afterwards, we move on to visit the old medina of Garnatta and its main areas, divisions, and city walls.

DAY 5:

Departure through Madrid, leisurely afternoon in Madrid, capital of Spain.

Returning by road from Granada to Marid, we will reach the capital of Spain understanding and appreciating its uniqueness a lot more than when we landed here a few days before.

Madrid highlights can be carried out by a hop-on-hop-off panoramic bus tour. Starting out from Plaza de España you can discover some of the main ancient gates to the Medina of Maŷrīṭ, from Atocha to Paseo del Prado, the Arts district, Castellana Street through Madrid’s center to Puerta de Alcalá and Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas. Visit the Real Madrid Football Club Stadium, Santiago Bernabeu, to complete the official tour of the stadium, which concludes naturally in the official Adidas shop of the Real Madrid Football Club.

DAY 6:


The program on your final morning in Madrid will depend upon your flight departure time. Departure is scheduled from Madrid Barajas International Airport. You may also seek our advice upon extension plans, optional leisure activities, visits or available excursions to add on at any point of this tour.